From My Window… Dams needed in county and other locations in the West

It looks like there is eventually going to be a new dam in Rio Blanco County’s future. And that is likely to cause a torrent of criticism from the environmental factors in the county, the state and the nation. Time after time, the need has been shown for more water throughout the West and time […]

From My Window… Memorial Day: Remembering freedom

Memorial Day is special for a couple different reasons. First, but hopefully not foremost on everyone’s mind, it is the first holiday of summer. It is a time for family gatherings, perhaps a round of golf when the weather is good, as it was this year, or a time to take the family out fishing […]

From My Window… Congratulations to graduates and Meeker DI competitors

Over the next two weeks, Meeker and Rangely high schools will also be turning out Class of 2014 graduates, and this is another moment in a teen’s life that all friends, families and neighbors should be proud of them and for them.

From My Window… Spring getting closer; grads applauded

I can see sunshine clearly out my window, and that may be a good thing. It may actually turn into spring soon, and that will cheer up a lot of folks in Rio Blanco County who are waiting for sunshine and warmer temperatures after a particularly prolonged winter.

From My Window… Wildlife out; tumblers and dancers excel; prayers now OK at meetings

It must be the first of May because all I see outside my window are a bunch of branches swaying and dust in the air. If you are a sinus sufferer, it could be better; if not, the last week has been pretty nice if you don’t mind a bit of wind. Sunday was meant […]

Temple Grandin: Children and livestock are sometimes alike

Sean McMahon ~ Editor

My window lets me see some fog. You know, those days when things are clear but the concepts are a big foggy, and some people just don’t understand.

From My Window… Busy Easter weekend; fishing improves; prom a success

The view out the front and back windows looked pretty good on Saturday morning for two of the biggest events of the year in Meeker. Bright and early, hundreds of folks started making their way to Meeker Elementary School for the annual 9HealthFair.

From My Window… Silent nights not good; give health fair a try

Having had the opportunity to drive in Rangely and Meeker on recent Friday and Saturday nights about 8 p.m., it became immediately obvious that except for a few late-evening diners, there was nothing going on in either town as evidenced by a lack of parked cars or traffic on Main Street in Rangely or Market […]

From My Window… RBCHS seeks young blood; prom a mess; Grandin a coup

Looking out the ol’ back window, last week was a crazy time. And since the look is a retrospective, we’ll start with the most recent and work back.

From My Window… It’s time for county to end outdated party assemblies

Once again, my window looks a little clouded. Colorado is one of the few states that still has political party general assemblies and Rio Blanco County is one of the few counties left in Colorado to use them. The Republicans and the Democrats in Rio Blanco County held their general assemblies this past weekend, and, […]

From My Window… Clearly, a sense of unity in Meeker would aid objectives

There are all kinds of cliches that are appropriate for the current situation in Meeker: United we stand, divided we fall. It takes a village… It’s not personal; it’s business. We can make it together… Since last week’s votes by the Town of Meeker Board of Trustees and the Rio Blanco County Board of Commissioners, […]

From My Window… Congrats MHS cagers; A busy week regarding justice center

Congratulations go to the girls’ and boys’ basketball teams at Meeker High School, both of which made it to the Colorado Class 2A State Basketball Championships in Pueblo over the weekend.