From My Window… HopeWest-Meeker great for elderly, families; gas prices plunge

HopeWest from Grand Junction and Pioneers Medical Center in Meeker held a joint fundraiser for HopeWest-Meeker on Saturday night with the HopeWest/Pioneers Medical Center’s soon-to-open palliative care program gaining more start-up funds for the Meeker-based program.

From My Window… Amendment 66 has too many questions; Meeker should back 3A

It’s looking a bit foggy out my window. I can’t get a clear picture of whether what I see on the horizon is good or bad. The good news is that some folks say it will bring more money into the Rangely and Meeker school districts; the bad news is that it means an increase […]

From My Window… Just what does the Community Center Task Force want?

I was recently given a copy of the ballot initiatives sought by the Meeker Community Center Task Force to be placed on the November ballot.

From My Window… Hunters keep motels and lodges busy; what next for gas?

Hunting looks like it will be a successful season for the innkeepers, motels and lodges in the Rangely and Meeker areas over the next six weeks as most owners and managers say they are in good shape as far as hunters filling their rooms.

From My Window… Recreation districts a real bonus; Fall Festival for all

I’ve been around in this business for a long time. I favor some of the old-fashioned ways, but I try to keep an open mind on the new ways of thinking. I left Wyoming in 1987 and returned to Colorado in early 2013 to a different world. Now that I am back in Colorado after […]

From My Window… Pretty sunny outside my window, but gas stinks

Two weeks ago, while driving around Meeker and back and forth between the Meeker Classic Sheepdog Championship Trials and a few other photos that needed to be taken, the warning light on my car’s dashboard lit up, indicating that my car was overheating.

From My Window… Pot sales an issue to ponder; Classic a woolly success

Out my window, I see a few unsettling clouds on the horizon in the form of debate that has the potential to divide the “old school” residents of Meeker and Rangely from what could be described as the “new thought” residents of the two towns.

From My Window… Septemberfest a great showcase for Rangely; Sheep Up!

Rangely residents were out in droves this past weekend as Septemberfest brought residents and visitors to a wide variety of locations for an even wider variety of events to celebrate Labor Day.

From My Window… Heartwarming support for Avery; busy start to September

It is truly heartwarming to see a community jump behind one of its members and throw out a rope to help support that member who has fallen prey to a truly tough time.

From My Window… Be aware of school children; more fun coming

Rangely schools are open and Meeker schools will have their first day in class on Sept. 3, so it is certainly time to put out the words of caution that parents love and children hate — “Watch out for children walking and biking on the sidewalks and streets because school is back in session.”

From My Window… Hunting season shaping up as best in many years

Having just spoken to the last of the five area wildlife managers in Northwest Colorado, I’d say all conditions exist in this quadrant of the state for darned good hunting, regardless of the species being sought.

From My Window… As county fair unwinds, so do childhood memories

The Rio Blanco County Fair is already under way unofficially, but kicks into full gear in an official way on Monday. There’s still that part of me that looks toward the county fair – having grown up with the El Paso County Fair, the Boulder County Fair and the Colorado State Fair in Pueblo.