From My Window: Fair worth all the work; road crews busy; hunters coming; school opens

The 2015 Rio Blanco County Fair is over. That is a mixed blessing because the event is fun to cover, but not a lot of fun to follow up on.

From My Window: Fun fair ends; children’s names take new look; how to back Colowyo

The sun was out, the temperatures were warm, and during the Rio Blanco County Fair my tired feet and note-taking hands could see pretty clearly outside the window to all corners of Rio Blanco Fair.

From My Window: Interesting tidbits about tri-county area; RBC county fair rollin’

My windows are so clean this week I could see all the way up to Moffat County, where I encountered the Yampa Valley Data Partners, which shares small snippets of news pertaining to Rio Blanco, Moffat and Routt counties.

From My Window: OHV gathering benefits county; fair starts slowly; towns hear truth

My windows were pretty clear over the weekend, and off-highway vehicles (OHVs) could be seen visiting all parts of Rio Blanco County from the mountains to the east of Meeker to the areas north and south of Rangely—toward Grand Junction and Piceance Creek to the south and up toward Dinosaur to the north.

From My Window: Having to dial all 11 numbers for local call not progress—or good biz

My window is muddied up with what could be perceived is a case of lousy customer service. I’m not happy. But who cares? Right?

From My Window: Now not time for Rangely dinosaur repository; Range Call a success

In a battle between Rangely and Craig, who wins? No one, because there shouldn’t be a battle between the two, and that is pretty clear out my clear, recently rained-upon window. The loser is Colorado Northwestern Community College if there is a battle. The winner is CNCC if there is no battle, and there shouldn’t […]

From My Window: CNCC paleo dig: Worst day I ever loved; Beer protest grows

The annual passing of another year in my life occurred on Saturday, and it has always been deemed a great success when the day is spent doing nothing tough. That means not getting up early, not hurrying through breakfast, not

From My Window: Apology to Rangely hospital and staff; New Belgium beers protested

This portion of this column comes quite painfully after 48 years in the newspaper business, but last week’s Herald Times, led by my editorial work, was the setting for the most grievous error I have been linked to in my career. The windows looked pretty dark.

From My Window: From new hospital to fish fry—impressive work done

By sean mcmahon T he weekend was beautiful for those who spent most of the time outdoors—with the exception of a good part of the crowd present for the last 15 minutes of the dedication and setting of the cornerstone at the new Pioneers Medical Center east of Meeker. I have always been interested […]

From My Window: Volunteers are the stars! Meekerpalooza, Cattledogs were successes

There’s always the Rio Blanco County Fair, the Range Call and the Meeker Classic Sheepdog Trials. Those are the big multi-day events that fall on the summer calendar in Rio Blanco County. And there is Rangely’s Septemberfest, which runs a couple of days during Labor Day weekend.

From My Window: Not all pets have to be dogs or cats; varieties abound

I was looking out my windows before the rain shower on Sunday and out the back and front windows were dogs.

From My Window: Busy week: Graduations, concert, snow, NHS, Memorial Day

What a week it has been. One thing certain about working for a newspaper— small or large—it is not often a boring proposition. And for as small a county as this is, this past week has been amazingly busy.