From My Window: Thanks veterans; an election review; and congratulations to the Cowboys

A massive thank you goes out to all of our veterans of all the Armed Forces as we celebrate Veterans Day this week.

From My Window… Hooray! Election finally over and Cowboys keep winning

Looking out the window this morning, I see, for the second day, the clearest skies, brightest clouds and sunniest shadows I have seen in several months. By golly, we did survive another election year and the sun still rose—following the most negative, nasty, personal, derogatory, disrespectful, lying and deceptive election I have ever seen. But […]

From My Window: Don’t forget to vote and change your clocks; kudos to “The Tank” and Tasos

Let me start out with a couple quick reminders that are relevant this week throughout Rio Blanco County. The first is that daylight saving time ends this coming Sunday morning at 2 p.m.

From My Window… Vote for broadband issue 1A; congrats Cowboys and Broncos

Whether I sit close to the window or with my nose pressed against the pane, the subject of local ballot initiative 1A, which would pave the way for Rio Blanco County to get broadband, is clear as a bell a winning proposition.

From My Window… There are several reasons to pass the Meeker school vote

Hopefully, the windows are clear and the vision is of a sunny election with ballot measure 3A passing so the Meeker School District can get on with doing what it is they are supposed to be doing, and that is offering students the best education possible.

From My Window: This week we look at two amendments up for Nov. vote

Out my window I see some clear skies over Rio Blanco County, where there is nary a single opposed election for local office that will be seen on this year’s election in November. But the clouds are on the horizon, bringing on one of the most negative —I could say despicable—campaigns I have ever witnessed […]

From My Window: Colors changing; Fall Festival a success; election ads depressing

It was a tough weekend behind us without the Broncos. Thank God for the Fall Festival on Saturday to ensure that something was going on to kill the boredom after a summer filled with what seems like a major event every weekend. But this weekend, there was no Bronco game on Sunday—therefore the withdrawals.

From My Window: Vegas fun, but glad to be home; fall colors peaking

I want to thank Jeff Burkhead, who returned to Rio Blanco County last week so my wife and I could slide away for a couple of days of badly needed vacation.

From My Window… In favor of fluoridating Meeker’s water; Meeker Classic a success

I am not happy to say it, but the days are getting shorter, the temperatures are getting cooler, already a few of the trees are turning yellow and the sheepdogs and hunters are here. Reality is setting in.

From My Window… Septemberfest a great time; Meeker Classic in progress

The summer activities continue in Rio Blanco County, and the focus this past weekend was Septemberfest in Rangely. Septemberfest is three days of fun activities, good food, water and mud, a parade, great entertainment, an ice cream social and an impressive car show.

From My Window… Thoughts on a variety of topics as the summer winds down

What an unfortunate event it was. What a tragedy it could have been. Be it a large metropolitan city or a small town in the remote mountains, it is a shame when anyone — not to mention a law enforcement officer in the line of duty — is injured while just doing their job.

From My Window… Students: Get the most from your education; thoughts on Dr. Bob

Schools are back in session. As a small child, this was the highlight of the year. Even though the youngest of seven siblings, I was bored. I was also pretty excited to see my friends again. Besides, I actually liked my teachers — all nuns at a Catholic school in Colorado Springs.