From My Window: Salute to the mothers of the world, MSD picture all snow

Happy Mother’s Day come Sunday. There are two groups of people in the world, but even more in our country that I don’t think you can say enough good about.

From My Window: A busy week looking out the window in all directions

The saying goes regarding Colorado’s weather, “Wait around for five minutes, and the weather will change.” That was true 60 years ago, It is true today, only it isn’t only relative to weather. The last week seems to have been a study in change.

From My Window: Eggs have great uses; incentives good for business; IOOF and quakes

I was looking out my window and everything I looked at appeared scrambled. Then I looked again and realized that the window I looked at was filthy from the wind and rain storm last week and not only couldn’t I see out my windows at home, but the windows on my car were worse.

From My Window… After Front Range visit, beauty of small towns becomes clear

Looking out my window I saw a lot of pollution, a lot of red taillights and stoplights, a lot of concrete barriers, construction barriers, lots of police cars and heard an abundance of police sirens, ambulance sirens and fire truck sirens. Such has become a regular part of traveling Colorado’s Front Range, and such was […]

From My Window… Future of Brothers unknown; Piceance Creek an unexpected surprise

It kind of ruined my day when I saw the “For Sale” sign on Brothers Meat Processing in Meeker a couple of weeks ago. First of all, I hated to think that another business was going to leave Meeker, and I hated to possibly lose a store where I was at least a part-time customer. […]

From My Window… It appears as though state has lost 1,500 RBC workers

Looking out my window this week offers me a cloudy picture of what is going on in our fair county and/or state.

From My Window: Livestock association meetings great for area info; Congrats, Cowboys!

My window was pretty clear regarding what is going on with the government agencies in and around Rio Blanco County after attending the Rio Blanco County Woolgrowers Association annual meeting on March 6 in Meeker.

From My Window… Kindler thinks of team first; busy season starts; Peyton’s chances

Over the course of my career, I have written a lot of sports stories about a wide variety of athletic teams from junior high and high schools and for college and university teams as well as the Denver Broncos.

From My Window… Two years happily at home in Meeker; Congrats to T.J.

At the end of this week, I will have lived in Rio Blanco for two years exactly. It has been an interesting time, filled with challenges, boo-boos, successes, good news, bad news, good friends, some not-so-good friends, interesting news, depressing news, hot weather, cold weather and weather that is just right.

From My Window: Meeker’s old IOOF Lodge also on National Register; the poker is missing

Through my now-clear window, I see that I made a bit of a mistake these last two weeks while writing about a portion of downtown Meeker that has been targeted for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places. In the two-part series I wrote, I included the “incorrect” facts that two buildings in downtown […]

From My Window: Two events offer sense of community during long winter

The visibility has been darned clear for the past weeks, interrupted briefly on Sunday as snow fell intermittently high on County Road 8 during the annual “I Ride With James” Poker and Snowmobile Run. It was too darned clear on the way up to Lost Creek Trailhead, about a mile or so past the Marvine […]

From My Window… Honesty a great thing to find; good luck teams; ice getting thin

I truly appreciate an act of honestly, and last week’s action by a Meeker merchant actually caught me off guard, but cognizant of a great act.