Harvest bowls…

Over the last four months, potter Elizabeth Robinson Wiley and studio mate Julia Davis have crafted more than 200 bowls for this month’s Harvest Bowls Festival.

Fund raisers for Hodges

RANGELY I One of the greatest trademarks of a small town is the way people come together to support each other in difficult times. The family of Roebi Hodges is so appreciative for all the community has done since their son was involved in an accident which caused a serious brain injury March 4.

Auction …

The auction held last weekend in Rangely to raise funds for Jamie Brasfield’s medical treatment for melanoma also generated funds to help defray medical bills for Roebi Hodges,

Boy Scout Breakfast set for June 14

RANGELY — The Rangely Boy Scouts of the LDS Church will hold a community fund-raiser