Guest Editorial: Minimum wage a living wage?

RBC I EDITOR’S NOTE: The Herald Times neither renounces nor endorses this opinion piece. It is offered to our readers as a thought-provoking article.

BLM eyes grassroots effort to close off Western Colorado to drilling

COLORADO I Mark Waltermire squints in the winter sunlight, craning his neck to take in the view from his vegetable farm in Hotchkiss, Colo. He jabs his finger toward a mesa: “There,” he says. “And up in there.”

Broadband important to rural Colorado

RBC I The 260 residents of Ten Sleep, Wyo., drive at least 26 miles to buy groceries and 112 to catch a plane. Local businesses include the Crazy Woman Café and Dirty Sally’s, a soda fountain and souvenir shop. You wouldn’t expect an Internet entrepreneur to launch a startup here.

A REVIEW: ‘Evolution of the National Parks;’ Dinosaur could be a lake

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a review of author Robert Keiter’s book “To Conserve Unimpaired: Evolution of a National Park Idea.” It takes a wide look at the National Park Service’s beginnings and the changes in the mindset within the organization from its inception to the present day. For example, if the NPS had its way, […]

Russian energy dominance over

RBC I Russian President Vladmir Putin has won some begrudging admiration for his strategic triumph during the Syria crisis. Let him have his moment. It won’t last long. A new development threatens to rob Putin of a significant part of his international heft. That development, of course, is America’s energy revolution.

Local non-profit group came through when needed

Heather Zadra

EDITOR’S NOTE — Other than to wish the best to the Denver Broncos on Sunday, I didn’t have a whole lot to add with a column while our Rangely correspondent, Heather Zadra, had a much more important message to get out to many parents in Rio Blanco County who may need help. Therefore, my window […]

Limiting liquid natural gas exports benefits no one

RBC I On his recent trip to Warsaw, Secretary of State John Kerry heard arguments for expanding U.S. natural gas exports to Poland. Polish officials made the case that letting liquefied natural gas (LNG) flow from the United States to Poland would benefit European economies as well as the environment.

Sen. Udall: Every drop of Colorado River water counts

RBC I Water has literally shaped the West. It carved Colorado from red rock and shaped landmarks from the Rocky Mountains to the Grand Canyon to the Gulf of California.

An important date: Let’s never forget annual Veteran’s Day

RBC I The day that World War II ended, Nov. 11 — has been a sacred day on the calendar for 95 years. It was eight more years, 1926, before Congress officially dubbed Nov. 11 as Armistice Day.

Community Center Task Force responds to column from Herald Times editor

MEEKER I The Meeker Community Center Task Force (MCCTF) thanks editor Sean McMahon for publishing the specific MCCTF petition for initiative ballot questions that were submitted to the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) initially on July 26 and in final format on Sept. 4, requesting inclusion on the Nov. 4 mail-in ballot election.

Colorado hunters, fisherman our greatest conservationists

RBC I Hunters and anglers are America’s greatest wildlife conservationists. Really? While it seems contradictory that people who claim to love animals would shoot and eat them and that killing something could actually save it, there are very compelling reasons that prove this statement true.

Tony Seely: The importance of our nation’s veterans

EDITOR’S NOTE: Meeker native Tony Seely, a retired U.S. Air Force colonel, gave this speech on July 4, 2013, during the dedication of the Rio Blanco County Veterans Memorial on the front lawn of the Rio Blanco County Courthouse in Meeker. As we approach Veterans Day on Nov. 11, we