Teaching children to remember the needy during holiday season

RBC I Knowing when to talk to your children about serious problems they may face sooner rather than later can be difficult for parents.

Another look at Trappers Lake and the Wilderness Act

RBC I Only God can make a tree, but only Congress can designate a wilderness, and the Wilderness Act, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, became the law it is today largely because a powerful Colorado congressman, Wayne Aspinall, blocked the legislation in his committee over and over again.

Uintah Basin faces a tricky problem with oil, gas industry

RBC I On a crisp fall day lined with cottonwoods as yellow-bright as balls of flame, I take a gravel shortcut from Utah’s Nine Mile Canyon toward Vernal, an energy boomtown of some 10,000 souls.

Author shares suggestions for dealing with dementia patients during holidays

RBC I Whether it’s Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa—or your spouse—the “holiday quarter” can present special challenges for families with a loved one suffering from dementia.

Guest Editorial: Education paradigms all wrong; new thinking needed

RBC I Think of our schools as a horse and buggy. It worked well in a different time, but times have changed. Educational needs have changed as much as transportation needs. Retrofitting a horse and buggy will not give us an airplane, and yet we seem to expect that reforms to our schools will meet […]

Guest Editorial: Recent fracking information was alarming, but it isn’t true

RBC I University of Maryland researchers just concluded that hydraulic fracturing—the process of shaking oil and gas free from below—could endanger the health of nearby residents by exposing them to air and water pollution. This would certainly be cause for alarm, if true.

Opinion: Holidays hazardous to our health

RBC I It’s a sad statistical fact: The holidays, from Halloween through Christmas and on to New Year’s Day are a treacherous time when it comes to our health.

Guest Editorial: What is a water right? Do you really need one?

RBC I As we come to the close of the year, the decision about whether to file for water rights becomes important. First, it helps to understand what a water right is. For those of you not on a city or municipal system, such as rural properties located outside of city limits, chances are you […]

Guest Editorial: MACC endorses college credit for arts curriculum

MEEKER I The Meeker Arts and Cultural Council has endorsed and encouraged the new National Core Arts Standards as provided by the Educational Theatre Association (EDTA), which sponsors the International Thespian Society, recognizing outstanding high school and middle school students in the performing arts), and has provided information on the National Core Arts Theatre Standards.

What’s Up With the County? Staffing examined; justice center work begins

RBC I As we roll into the final quarter of 2014, the Rio Blanco County commissioners are busy establishing the 2015 budget. One area of importance in the 2015 budget concerns the number of employees we have serving the public. The commissioners have asked all departments to analyze staffing levels. One hundred and 25 full-time […]

Heritage and agri-tourism keys to Rio Blanco’s future

RBC I Have you noticed? One formerly viable and essential Meeker downtown business has failed and closed. Rumors of others struggling are rampant. Main Street is often sparsely populated with vehicles, and businesses are often nearly devoid of customers.

Grateful for opportunity to return to Rio Blanco County

Jeff Burkhead, former editor of the Rio Blanco Herald Times.

It was hard enough to leave the last time. It won’t be any easier the second time around.