BLM and county join efforts to clean dump areas outside Rangely

County workers cut cable excavated from an illegal dump site in Gillam Draw, southeast of Rangely. The Bureau of Land Management and the Rio Blanco County Road and Bridge Department worked together to remove more than a dozen dump truck loads from the ravine and a nearby shooting range last week.

RBC I It has taken time, but the efforts to clean up illegal dump sites around Rangely will no longer be necessary in some distant future.

Options for dumping garbage in county

Residents can legally dump tree limbs, garden waste, leaves and other vegetation at the tree dump on Purdy Road, just east of the Rangely Camper Park. The Town of Rangely, which provides the free service, asks that residents call 675-8476 during the week to meet an employee there before dumping the vegetation.

As local authorities have taken a more serious look at illegal dumping around Rangely, they have asked whether the community is aware of legal dumping options and the penalties for disposing of trash on public land.