Opinion: The movie, ‘Taking Chance,’ was like real life for couple

When Tracy and Teresa Mack of Meeker watched the movie “Taking Chance,” it was like watching real life. Because it was. “It was really strange, but knowing the story, it was an instant cry through the whole movie,” Teresa said. Share on Facebook

Touring France while watching the Tour de France

Jeff Madison rides his bike to work every day. But for his summer vacation, he rode in an RV, while he watched other people ride their bikes. But these weren’t your typical bicycle riders. They were the best riders in the world. Share on Facebook

Getting all their ducks in a row!

DUCKS WILL REPLACE SHEEP IN DOG TRAINING DEMONSTRATION Ellen Nieslanik’s dog, Pete, kept a close eye on a “herd” of ducks Aug. 12. The ducks arrived in the mail around the Fourth of July and will be used in a dog handling demonstration by Chris Jobe during the Meeker Classic Sheepdog Championship Trials. The event is Sept. […]

Proud dad anticipates walking daughter down aisle

A couple of weeks ago, I received an unexpected phone call. I was on the phone at the office when I noticed my cell phone vibrating. I saw it was my oldest daughter’s boyfriend who was calling. Share on Facebook

Jeff’s Column: Ran Cochran, daughter Sydney, relocating to Alaska

Wasilla, Alaska, is known as the home of one-time vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, who used to serve on the town’s city council and later became mayor. Soon, it will be the new home of Ran Cochran and his daughter Sydney. Moving day was Wednesday. Share on Facebook

Even at age 68, Sir Paul McCartney is still rock royalty

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found I still like to listen to the kind of music I grew up listening to. That’s why when I found out Paul McCartney was going to appear in concert at the Pepsi Center in Denver, I knew I had to go. Share on Facebook

Opinion: CNCC’s marketing campaign includes concert promotion

When John Boyd arrived as president of Colorado Northwestern Community College in March 2006, the school’s enrollment numbers were declining. “The year we got here, they were experiencing a 25 percent decline in FTEs (full-time equivalents),” Boyd said. “So we needed to turn that around.” And, boy, have they. Share on Facebook

Rosemary Hilkey may have to sit out Range Call this year

Rosemary Hilkey has been riding a horse during Range Call activities for “I don’t know how long,” she said. However, she may have to sit out this year’s events. Rosemary was involved in a horse accident June 4, one of several horse-related accidents that have occurred recently. Other experienced riders, including Billy Goedert, Teresa Anderson […]

Opinion: Assembly attempts to shock students into good choices

The week of the Rangely High School prom, there was an assembly for students. This was not a typical school assembly or pep rally. Share on Facebook

New owner was ‘always in love with the Sleepy Cat’

When Bob Regulski first started visiting the area 30 years ago, he fell in love with it. Now he owns one of the landmark properties upriver — the Sleepy Cat Lodge. Share on Facebook

Volunteers make Meeker’s sheepdog trials a Classic

Meeker’s sheepdog trials ended Sunday, but the work didn’t. “Breakdown is almost as busy as the days of the trial,” said director Ellen Nieslanik, who took a few minutes to chat Tuesday, in between hauling grandstands. Share on Facebook

Hester-Jane’s memorial service like a family reunion

Inever met Hester-Jane Cogswell. I wish I had. Share on Facebook