Confessions of a smoker trying to quit

Warning: Reading this column may be hazardous to your health. But I hope not.

Having to buy yet another sympathy card

My best friend back in Kansas called me during the day last week, which he hardly ever does. Usually, when we talk on the phone, it’s at night, since we’re both working during the day. So when I noticed he was calling, I wondered what it might be. Usually, when he calls during the day […]

Senioritis takes on a whole new meaning

I used to look skeptically at people who claimed they were having “a senior moment.”

Slain dentist was Fine friend of CNCC program

Like so many others, Mark Patterson was shocked when he heard about the Oct. 11 shooting deaths in Grand Junction.

What’s cooking? Not much for single guy

As a single guy, my dinner “menu” rotation consists of such hearty meals as chips and salsa, soup or salad, the ever-popular PB&J sandwich and, my personal favorite, a bowl of cereal.

Oh, boy, coach serves up winning season

This is not your typical Tom, Dick or Harry. Or even Jim.

Experiencing puppy love a little late in life

I feel like a real Coloradan now. On Saturday, I made two major acquisitions. I got a puppy, and I bought a snow shovel. I guess all that is left is to buy a pickup. That will have to wait, though. My Jeep, with 177,000 miles on it, will have to make do for now. […]

A correction, in honor of the Minnewa Bells

I attended a political meet and greet Oct. 21 for Democratic candidates Mark Udall and John Salazar to take photos. The candidates were making the rounds in northwest Colorado and passed through Meeker on their way to Grand Junction.

More women political leaders step forward

I heard from a couple of women, both are in important positions, who chided me about being omitted from the list of names I mentioned in last week’s column about the prominent role women play in Rio Blanco County politics.

Women stand out in local political scene

I want to talk about women. Women in politics, that is.

Be an informed voter … however you vote

I’m not going to tell you how to vote when it comes to the two local school bond initiatives that will be on the ballot in the Nov. 4 general election.

Please, teacher, don’t call my name

I made a trip to Trappers Lake last week. It was only my second time to visit the area. I was even more impressed this time. To begin with, the drive was beautiful. The leaves are definitely turning. And the weather couldn’t have been better.