Election 2008 a big one … in many ways

My son turned 18 earlier this month, which means he will get to vote in November. He’s excited to cast his ballot in the general election. Voting, especially for the first time, is a big deal. Share on Facebook

Contemplating meeting with a mountain lion concerns me … I’m not lyin’ either

A couple of weeks ago, I pulled my Jeep onto Third Street in Meeker about 11:30 at night, and right in front of me was a good-sized deer, taking its sweet time crossing the road. I’ve heard it’s not unusual to see deer in town, but for a guy from Kansas, it’s sort of a […]

This year, sheepdog trials enjoy good weather while Septemberfest soaks

It didn’t rain during the Meeker Classic Sheepdog Champion-ship Trials. In fact, there was nary a cloud in the sky during most of the event. The weather was perfect. But rain sure did dampen Rangely’s Septemberfest the previous weekend. In the past, it’s often been the other way around. At least it was last year. […]

Pinedale’s view on energy is helpful but where do we go from here?

It helps to get an outside perspective. That’s why last week’s visit by folks from Pinedale, Wyo., was a good thing. Share on Facebook

Who said there’s nothing to do in Rio Blanco County?

It seems to me, there’s no shortage of community events in Rio Blanco County. Who says there’s nothing to do in a small town? OK, I’ve only been here for three months. But, during that time, there’s been plenty of activities going on. And I’ve enjoyed them all. Share on Facebook

It was past time to get out and look around a bit

RBC — In the nearly three months I have been here, I have spent most of my time covering events either in Meeker or Rangely. Beyond that, I haven’t ventured out much. There’s been lots going on, right here in Rio Blanco County, to keep me plenty busy. I’m either working or … let’s see, […]

Former commissioner has advice for county officials

RBC — After listening to Tim Schultz speak at last Thursday’s Community Networking Group in Rangely, I wished I had recorded what he had to say. It was that good. Share on Facebook

County fair is a real learning experience for a city boy

RBC — There’s no hiding the fact I’m a city boy. Even though I grew up in an agricultural state, I lived in a good-sized city with a major university. I never was in 4-H or FFA. The only reason I took shop class in high school was because it was required. Share on Facebook

Town faces up to past, does right thing with powwow

RBC — Meeker has been receiving its share of criticism — some would say deservedly — for its unwelcoming attitude toward outsiders. But it did itself proud last weekend. Based on the number of recent letters to the editor, as well as comments I hear on the street, there must be a fairly significant segment […]

“Bubba” letter strikes chord with some, not others

RBC — In the July 10 edition of the Herald Times, we published an anonymous letter to the editor. The “Bubba” letter, as it has become known, created a bit of a stir. Some liked it, some didn’t. One thing for sure, it definitely has been a topic of conversation. Share on Facebook

Small-town living has its charms … and its challenges

RBC — Being new to the area, I’ve been asked by a lot of people what I think about living in a small town. I always give the same answer: I like it. They usually seem surprised. Some who have asked are almost apologetic, as if what they meant to say is, “You really don’t […]

All eyes open wide as bombs burst in air

RBC — While giving instructions prior to the start of Friday’s Meeker fireworks show, Todd Morris, who is in charge of the event, reminded the volunteers to wear goggles, along with their fireman’s jackets and helmets and, of course, ear plugs. That should have been my first clue. Share on Facebook