LeBlanc clinic…

phmkjoe leblanc tilt

Former three-time Colorado state champion and four-time Division I All-American Joe LeBlanc demonstrates a “cheap tilt” on defending state champ T.J. Shelton during a free clinic he gave in Meeker on Monday.

LeBlanc finishes as four-time All-American

LeBlanc scores back points in a must-win match, which he did 13-6, against Dallago of Illinois, to become a four-time All-American

MEEKER I The final tournament of the year didn’t end the way Joe LeBlanc or his teammates wanted, but in wrestling it’s hard to keep a good wrestler down. LeBlanc and five of his University of Wyoming teammates competed in the NCAA 2012 Division I Wrestling Championships in St. Louis, Mo., last weekend. They finished […]