Justice center meetings set

MEEKER I In 2013, the Rio Blanco County commissioners launched the Justice Center Project with the objective of improving facilities that serve our citizens, county and district law enforcement, and improve efficiency of county services based in Meeker.

Meetings on justice center set

MEEKER I In 2013, the Rio Blanco County Board of Commissioners launched the Justice Center Project with the their stated objective of improving current facilities that serve our citizens, county and district law enforcement and to improve efficiencies for county services based in Meeker.

County: Courthouse, Rangely expansion top priority for this year

RBC I In 2014, Rio Blanco County will implement a number of projects to update several county facilities and services. “There are several projects planned throughout the year,” stated Eric Jaquez, the county’s planning coordinator. “I think the residents will be pleased with the improvements.”

Architect selected for work on county justice center, courthouse

MEEKER I On Monday, the Rio Blanco County Board of Commissioners authorized County Project Coordinator Eric Jaquez to begin contract negotiations with the Denver-based firm of Reilly Johnson Architecture regarding design of the county justice center and remodel of the courthouse.

Letter to the Editor: Support for new justice center

Dear Editor: There was a letter to the editor from the supporters of saving the old elementary school urging everyone to write the commissioners, so I am availing myself of that invitation. I would like you to know that I am wholeheartedly, 100 percent in support of the plan to place the new Rio Blanco […]

County has sights on justice center plan; school plans on hold

RBC I The Rio Blanco County Commissioners are beginning the journey of constructing a new justice center and renovating the old courthouse.

Community Center Task Force responds to column from Herald Times editor

MEEKER I The Meeker Community Center Task Force (MCCTF) thanks editor Sean McMahon for publishing the specific MCCTF petition for initiative ballot questions that were submitted to the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) initially on July 26 and in final format on Sept. 4, requesting inclusion on the Nov. 4 mail-in ballot election.

Letter to the Editor: School wanted more than jail

Dear Editor: I have followed the recent idea to build a jail where the historic elementary school is located with some concern.

Letter to the Editor: Don’t destroy our old school

Dear Editor: First off, I’m not sentimental about having attended school in the old elementary school. I am, however, passionate about saving a true historic building in its entirety to the benefit of all residents of Rio Blanco County.

Letter to the Editor: Community center not needed

Dear Editor: I am totally amused by the number of people who have written letters to the editor and articles for the paper regarding “the Justice Center.” Really people, you should not open your mouth until you have checked out the facts.

Letter to the Editor: Aghast over plan for old elementary school

Dear Editor: Addressing the article on the Rio Blanco County Commissioners published in the local newspaper on Aug. 22, I was simply aghast to read of their plans and or ideas (regarding the old Meeker elementary school).

Letter to the Editor: Commissioners ignoring public

Dear Editor: Having read the Aug. 22 Herald Times article titled “County has four plans for justice center using old school,” it occurs to me that there is “a rat in the wood pile.”