Work winding down on new county justice center for Rio Blanco County

Although it is draped in several inches of snow, the new Rio Blanco County Justice Center is nearing completion at its new location on Main Street in Meeker. Except for the landscaping, which will be done in the spring, the work on the building’s exterior is complete and the entire center should be finished in time for an open house and tours in mid-March. The dispatch center and jail will be the first two departments to be moved into the center.

RBC I All appears to going well and progressing on schedule for the new Rio Blanco County Justice Center on Main Street in Meeker, the site of the old Meeker Elementary School. Rio Blanco County Planner Eric Jauquez, who is overseeing the project for the county, said Monday that the county is looking at its […]

Downtown Meeker…

The new gazebo, located at the intersection of Fifth and Main streets in Meeker, is seen here near completion. The 1,500-square-foot facility is expected to be completed and the fence removed around the gazebo by start of Range Call activites, Commissioner Shawn Bolton said on Friday. There will be electrical hookups nearby to start and that may be replaced later with electrical boxes on each of the four corners.

Meekerpalooza and Range Call plan to move most events to Ute Park

MEEKER I Meekerpalooza Arts and Music Festival, to be held on Saturday, June 6, and Range Call, held annually during the Fourth of July in Meeker, will take on a new look this year as both events, which have had a heavy presence in downtown Meeker, will be making a major move to Ute Park, […]



Demolition on the north side of the old elementary school in downtown Meeker was proceeding Tuesday with a majority of the building already having been razed to prepare for the construction of the new Rio Blanco County Justice Center on Main Street.

Trees down…


Just prior to the first snow of winter, all the trees on the property of the new justice center/old elementary school in downtown Meeker have been cut down to make way for the new center. Much work has also been done on the inside of the structure, which will undergo a major remodel.

County gets $2M grant for justice center

RBC I The State of Colorado Energy and Mineral Impact Advisory Committee met recently to review requests for grants from state severance tax and mineral lease revenues, and has awarded Rio Blanco County $2 million.

Letter to the Editor: County looking for agreement, not input

Dear Editor: This is an open letter to the County Commissioners, I attended the presentation in Meeker last Wednesday on the proposed new justice center on the assumption you wished input from the public. I intended to speak, opposing putting it on Fifth Street, but by the time the presentation was over, it was clear […]

Letter to the Editor: Fifth Street closing hearing a farce

Dear Editor: And now, the “rest of the story.” The Town of Meeker held a planning commission hearing Monday to determine whether Fifth Street between Main and Park streets should be closed so the county can “create a park” between the school and the courthouse.”

Letter to the Editor: The railroad finally made it to town

Dear Editor: After more than a century of waiting, the “railroad” finally arrived in town pulling the circus train. The smoke and whistle were notably loud and clear during the past week. In a carefully choreographed circus side show termed “public hearings” by the county on March 11 and 12 in Rangely and Meeker, respectively, […]

Town OKs closure of block of 5th Street

MEEKER I The Meeker Town Board on Tuesday gave unanimous approval to an ordinance requested by Rio Blanco County to close Fifth Street from Main to Park streets to allow the courthouse and old elementary school to encompass the two-block area.

Variety of comments made by residents on Justice Center proposal

RBC I Nineteen residents of Meeker and the surrounding area spoke Wednesday evening to the Rio Blanco County Board of Commissioners after county officials spent nearly two hours explaining the history of proposed new county justice center and how it came to the point it is now — with concept drawings and plans.

County presents justice center concept plan

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MEEKER I Roughly 90 people were present the evening of March 12 as the Rio Blanco County commissioners unveiled their concept drawing for turning the old Meeker Elementary School into a new justice center, which would hold the county jail, courts, sheriff’s office, county attorney and staff and court-related offices.