Residents give input on use of old school

MEEKER I The Meeker Community Center Task Force requested a public meeting with the Rio Blanco County Commissioners on Monday afternoon, and approximately 29 people participated.

County has four plans for justice center using old school

Four plans were suggested for the new Rio Blanco County Justice Center on the old Meeker Elementary School site during an Aug. 13 workshop held by the county commissioners.

County accepts old Meeker school; future use uncertain

MEEKER I The Rio Blanco County commissioners voted unanimously Monday to accept possession of the downtown Meeker property known as the old Meeker elementary school, but they made it clear that the building is not automatically going to be demolished in favor of the new county justice center.

Letter to the Editor: Value of Meeker Elementary School

Dear Editor: The story is told of a collector of antique rifles who liked to haggle for the best price when purchasing such treasures.

Mayor, town manager appeal for Rangely to house justice center

RANGELY I Feeling that his town has been left out of consideration for too long, Rangely Mayor Frank Huitt believes the Early Education Center, which is now for sale by Rangely School Ditrict RE-4, would make an ideal location for the new Rio Blanco County Justice Center.

Letter to the Editor: Why not Rangely for a justice center?

Dear Editor: The Town of Rangely has been encouraged to comment on the new justice center as the cost and location is something that affects all Rio Blanco County residents and especially each law enforcement agency in the county.

Letter to the Editor: Save the school

Dear Editor: Recent discussions about the Town of Meeker transferring ownership of the old elementary school to Rio Blanco County brought a large attendance to the town board meeting, most of whom were opposed to the transfer.

Letter to the Editor: Justice center good use for old school

Dear Editor: I would respectfully disagree with Ms. Wilber and Mr. Zellers in their letters to the editor. If we as a community do not start accepting change, we are going to end up like many other small communities with a dead downtown area or, worse, a dead town.

Meeker officials, residents discuss old elementary school use

MEEKER I More than 70 residents filled the Meeker Town Board of Trustees meeting Tuesday night to voice concerns at a public hearing about the town turning over the old elementary school to Rio Blanco County for use as the new justice center.

Letter to the Editor: Reader against jail on school site

Dear Editor: My wife and I believe it will be a mistake to transfer title of the old school with the intention of building a jail in the middle of our town.

Letter to the Editor: Citizen: Justice center a short-sighted plan

Dear Editor: I am writing this as a concerned citizen and not as a board member of any organization. I am very concerned about the proposal to turn the property of the old elementary school into a justice center.

Decisions still to be made for justice center

RBC I Only one or two things remain certain in regard to the remodel/rebuild of the Rio Blanco County Courthouse in Meeker; one is that downtown business owners, Meeker town officials and the Meeker Chamber of Commerce want the complex to remain in downtown Meeker; the other being that geothermal energy is cheaper than the […]