Letter to the Editor: Concerns about outdoor center

Dear Editor: Plans for a major outdoor center in Meeker, including firearms range, archery range, and other facilities, seem near to implementation. I am concerned that the community has not had an opportunity to debate the potential effects of such development. The proposed outdoor center would have significant impact on the character of Meeker. Such […]

Letter to the Editor: Whites endorse Tracy for Senate

Dear Editor: We’re both former Colorado Republican Senators, and we’re voting for Emily Tracy for Colorado Senate. Emily is a Democrat, but it’s not about partisanship: it’s about protecting our lands, our rural values and having someone who actually listens to us in the Senate. Share on Facebook

Letter to the Editor: Thanks from rural school team

Dear Editor: Just want to thank you for all the pictures and articles you have put in about Coal Creek School the last few weeks. Your help with the winners of the rubber ducky race was great. You saved us all. It was an adventure for all of us but people loved it. We still […]

Letter to the Editor: Election this year like a football game

Dear Editor: This presidential election is like a football game. The Republicans are against the Democrats. Donald Trump is the Republican quarterback and Hillary Clinton is the Democratic quarterback. Trump, if you want to win the game, you send your linemen after Hillary Clinton; you do not send your linemen into the stands after the […]

Letter to the Editor: Support for plein air art competition appreciated

Dear Editor: I would like to extend a sincere thank you and heartfelt gratitude to JoAnn Goss-Gardner and Stephanie Kobald at the Meeker Chamber of Commerce for their efforts in organizing Meeker Plein Air during Range Call. Share on Facebook

Letter to the Editor: 40th reunion of Chautauqua and The TANK is Saturday

Dear Editor: We are celebrating 40 years of activities at The TANK with food and music. Share on Facebook

Letter to the Editor: Paper apparently doesn’t care about Rangely

Dear Editor: I realize how hard it must be to “please” everyone. I wish I could say your staff has done a great job representing Rangely and Meeker in your paper, but unfortunately I can’t do that when the bias is so clear on every page in the Herald Times and has been for years. […]

Letter to the Editor: Thanks to those who showed kindness in our time of need

Dear Editor: Walter and I would like to thank all the people who showed such kindness and support after the loss of our house due to fire. It is people like you who I see as angels, doing what’s in your heart, and we have a lot of people with good hearts here in Rangely […]

Letter to the Editor: Hill thanks voters

Dear Editor: I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who voted for me in the primary election. At the same time I want to thank all the voters, as you have exercised your right to determine the direction our county will follow for the next four years. Share on Facebook

Letter to the Editor: Thanks to Rangely camp hosts

Dear Editor: This is an open letter to the Rangely Camper Park Management and the Rangely Town Administrators: My wife and I want to publicly thank Richard and Kay Nickson for their commitment as camp hosts. Share on Facebook

Letter to the Editor: Why were pine trees around courthouse removed?

Dear Editor: A number of Meeker residents have asked why five of the nine (more than 80-year-old) tall pine trees on the east side of the Rio Blanco County Courthouse have been cut down, leaving only four of the original remaining historic trees? Share on Facebook

Letter to the Editor: Thanks to American Legion in Meeker

Dear Editor: We would like to say thank you to The American Legion Post in Meeker for sending us to the Colorado Boy’s State in Pueblo, Colo. We enjoyed our time there and we are grateful for the experience. Sincere thanks, Sheridan Harvey and Casey Turner Meeker Share on Facebook