Letter to the Editor: Thanks to Rangely young men who helped elderly resident

Dear Editor: This note of recognition is for the charitable contribution and efforts of five young men who helped a local resident improve his property.

Letter to the Editor: Thanks to CPW and Sportsman’s Club for shooting event

Dear Editor: I would like to recognize and thank the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife as well as the Meeker Sportsman’s Club for hosting the Jon Wangnild Memorial Shoot on July 5.

Letter to the Editor: Hurray for Clean Power Plan

Dear Editor: It is becoming more clear by the month that what is good for the environment has benefits for many other aspects of humanity. Health care professionals are voicing the medical position that fossil fuels are detrimental to the length and health of a human life, and religion has even entered the environmental arena […]

Letter to the Editor: Let’s get Rangely’s dinosaurs back to Rangely

Dear Editor: This is an open letter to the citizens of Rangely and the surrounding area. In the past year, we at the Rangely Junior College District (Colorado Northwestern Community College) have had a particular situation in Rangely occur. That situation, quite frankly, was a find many months ago in Rangely (in Rio Blanco County).

Letter to the Editor: Library a great asset to Meeker

Dear Editor: A great big special thank you, to the board and staff of Meeker Library.

Letter to the Editor: Meeker needs to learn to have fun

Dear Editor: My family and I feel blessed to be here in Meeker, Colo. This little town has so many things that a family would want to be a part of. But…

Letter to the Editor: Thanks to those who provided comfort

Dear Editor: We would like to thank everyone who provided comfort during the loss of our husband, father, grandfather, and friend.

Letter to the Editor: Sometimes longshots win; vote for Sanders

Dear Editor: Gandhi said, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” He might have been talking about Bernie Sanders’ run for president.

Letter to the Editor: Thanks to fish fry helpers

Dear Editor: Approximately 200 people enjoyed the annual White River Community Association’s annual “All You Can Eat Fish Fry” at the Buford School on Saturday.

Letter to the Editor: Lumber accident could have been much worse

Dear Editor: On Sunday, June 14 about 8:30 a.m. on Piceance Road, County Road 5, two large pieces of lumber flew off and struck my car from a pickup pulling a small trailer with lumber, maybe 4x4s, as we met on a corner.

Letter to the Editor: Foster care system flawed

Dear Editor: I’m writing this letter in concern for our foster care system. First, it is a fact we need more people willing to provide foster homes. All children need unconditional love, acceptance and guidance, especially the children who have suffered situations where those things were non-existent in their lives.

Letter to the Editor: Thankful and grateful

Dear Editor: Thank you to everyone for all your thoughts and prayers, visits, calls, texts and Facebook messages after my recent heart attack. I’m thankful and grateful to God to be on the mend and for another chance.