Letter to the Editor: Joos will continue to provide excellence

Dear Editor: During the last few months, the race for Rio Blanco County Sheriff has quietly moved toward what will be a significant election for the citizens of Rio Blanco County.

Letter to the Editor: Dr. Bob not resigning

Dear Editor: Rumors that I have resigned from my teaching position at Meeker High School are premature, and I would like to clarify my position.

Letter to the Editor: Trying to spay and neuter dogs

Dear Editor: We are Katie Lockwood and Deana Wood of Meeker. We are trying to help raise money for the Meeker dog pound’s spay and neuter fund.

Letter to the Editor: Thanks for help with 4-H pig pen blaze

Dear Editor: Two weeks after the Rangely 4-H pen fire, we can’t thank enough the individuals and businesses who have poured their hearts into helping this organization and its kids rebuild!

Letter to the Editor: Apology to CNCC, Rangely School District for criticism

Dear Editor: In the April 20, 2000, issue of the Herald Times, I wrote a letter criticizing Colorado Northwestern Community College and Rangely School District for scheduling the production of two children’s plays concurrently, which I said made participating in both impossible.

Letter to the Editor: Visitors treated well in Meeker

Dear Editor: On Saturday, my wife and I drove from Steamboat Springs to Hotchkiss to pick up our horses. On the way home, about 5 miles north of Meeker, the clamp on our truck’s turbo hose broke.

Letter to the Editor: Thanks for special district participation

Dear Editor: The Meeker Chamber of Commerce would like to thank the Rio Blanco County special districts, their boards of directors and their executive members for participating in the Meeker Chamber of Commerce Special District Meeting held April 16.

Letter to the Editor: School funding woes affect all residents

Dear Editor: As a community, Meeker is sitting at a crossroads. We are about to decide if we are going to support a mediocre school district or strive for a great school district. We find ourselves with a huge budget shortfall and no acceptable way to make enough budget cuts to cover this.

Letter to the Editor: Temple Grandin had impact during visit

Dear Editor: I loved your article on Temple Grandin. I am in total agreement with the last paragraph, wishing more parents and educators had been there.

Letter to the Editor: Thanks for help with fire, tragedy

Dear Editor: We would like to thank the many people who helped during and after the 4-H community pen fire on Monday afternoon.

Letter: Rangely community breakfast a success

Dear Editor: After a beautiful sunrise service, the community was invited to dine at the annual “community Easter breakfast” hosted by Living Water Assembly Church.

Letter: Health fair glitch: some blood redraws

Dear Editor: We would like to thank the 590 people who participated in the 9Health Fair on April 19. We had a great turnout for the health screenings, but, unfortunately, we did experience one problem.