Letter to the Editor: ‘The Wizard of Oz’ was pure joy

Dear Editor: I want to say thank you to the talented, hard working, devoted theatrical persons for the wonderful “The Wizard of Oz” production. There was about three hours of pure joy you gave us with your talent and hard work. Doris Walters Meeker Share on Facebook

Letter to the Editor: Thanks for support at time of sorrow

Dear Editor: The Smitman family is so grateful to the entire Rangely community. Thank you all for all the friendships, projects, love and laughter that you each shared with our dad, George Ernest Smitman Jr., in the last 27 years of his life. Share on Facebook

Letter to the Editor: Huitt thanks Rangely residents for letting him serve

Dear Editor: I would like to take this opportunity to thank the citizens of Rangely for allowing me to serve you for the last 12 years (eight years as council member and four years as mayor). Share on Facebook

Thanks for coverage MES’s STEM presentation

Dear Editor: I just wanted to thank you for the great piece on the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) presentation in the paper last week. Share on Facebook

Letter to the Editor: Junior class thanks those helping with prom

Dear Editor: The Meeker High School Junior Class would like to thank all of their parents for helping organize and decorate for the 2016 Prom. We would especially like to thank Heather Burke, Kim Rule and Georgeann Amack. Also, a big thank you to our class sponsors: Brenda Mullins, Zack Clatterbaugh and Larisa Merrell. Sincerely, […]

Letter to the Editor: Support from a bunch of ‘good old boys’

Dear Editor: Way back in 1933, a group of “good ole boys” realized a community need, joining together to form Meeker Volunteer Fire Department. These gentlemen were everyday citizens of Meeker with a commitment and dedication to their community. Share on Facebook

Letter to the Editor: Halandras urges vote for incumbents on fire board

Dear Editor: I would like to provide the public with some information regarding the candidates prior to the Meeker Fire Board election. Share on Facebook

Letter to the Editor: Re-elect Doug Overton to the fire district board

Dear Editor: I would like to have the community support in my re-election to the Rio Blanco Fire Protection District board of directors. I have the experience not only as a board member but as a 22-year veteran of the Meeker Fire Department of which I served 10 years as the fire chief. Share on […]

Letter to the Editor: Rick Dodd on fire board situation

Dear Editor: For a little over a month now I’ve debated on writing this letter to the editor. I’ve felt that if I say something, it’ll get portrayed wrong or it might not be becoming of a current board member running for re-election. Then, after reading this last week’s paper, I’ve reached the point where […]

Letter to the Editor: Fire board chairman responds to Marshall Cook letter

Dear Editor: I would like to take a little time to respond to Marshall Cook’s letter in last week’s paper. Share on Facebook

Letter to the Editor: If fire department ain’t broke, don’t fix it

Dear Editor: In response to Mr. Luzmoor’s letter, have you ever been on the fire department? Have you ever been on an ambulance call? People on the fire board have. Share on Facebook

Letter to the Editor: Final thoughts from Fire Chief Marshall Cook

Dear Editor: This is an open letter to the Meeker Fire & Rescue District Board Members: As I finish my last week here at Meeker Fire & Rescue, I would like to reflect on the last 14 months as your fire chief and give you some parting thoughts I have. Perhaps these can help you […]