Letter to the Editor: No respect shown at funeral

Dear Editor: Respect? Recently, I went to a young man’s funeral. I was totally disgusted that several young men failed to remove their hats.

Letter to the Editor: County needs fiscal stability

Dear Editor: As a proud resident of Rio Blanco County and a resident of northwest Colorado for 59 years, I would like to encourage those of us who are tired of having to be politically correct regardless of the situation… Hence we have now arrived at having our town’s future jeopardized as a result of […]

Letter to the Editor: School children have excelled in Meeker

Dear Editor: Where do I start? Looking back over the 2014-2015 school year, your children have taken the bull by the horns and have excelled.

Letter to the Editor: Don’t destroy economies in the name of climate change

Dear Editor: Strong contrasting views on human caused global warming (HCGW) exist as expressed in Joseph Newman’s letter printed in the May 14 issue of the Herald Times and in my earlier letter. My views are swayed by the many predictions of world-ending catastrophes that didn’t happen during my 91 years.

Letter to the Editor: Proud of MHS students

Dear Editor: A week or so ago, I had the opportunity to attend the awards assembly at Meeker High School. I was more than impressed.

Letter to the Editor: Thanks to code enforcement, Town of Rangely

Dear Editor: I would like to very sincerely thank Vicki Pfennig of Rangely code enforcement and the City of Rangely for bringing to my attention the safety issues around my home. I was endangering my neighbors, the members of the Rangely Fire Department and myself. Jeremy A. Coleman Rangely

Letter to the Editor: Deadline May 31 on BLM travel and transportation maps

Dear Editor: If you like to use motor vehicles, bicycle or hike around on BLM land, I want to remind everyone reviewing the Travel and Transportation inventory maps that the BLM is requesting comment by May 31—just three days away.

Letter to the Editor: Highways need more money

Dear Editor: The price of a gallon of gasoline today is more than $1 less than it was a year or so ago. The state gas tax hasn’t been increased for more than 20 years.

Letter to the Editor: Do we really need to print rumors?

Dear Editor: I was terribly disappointed to read your editorial in last week’s paper. I have no problem with the paper reporting facts—good or bad. That is your job.

Letter to the Editor: Women reminded to get annual health screenings this week

Dear Editor: National Women’s Health Week runs May 10-16, and women are reminded to have health screens this week every year.

Letter to the Editor: A differing view on global warming

A differing view on global warming Dear Editor: In response to Mr. Prosence’s letter on May 7, I have felt compelled to retort with some quick facts about the truth of what he refers to as “HCGW,” but what the rest of the educated world calls climate change. Right out of the gate Mr. Prosence […]

Letter to the Editor: Explanation of Range Call move to Ute Park

Dear Editor: I would just like to take a second to clarify some of the confusion surrounding the Meeker Range Call celebration and the move to Ute Park for some of the attractions.