Letter to the Editor: Why Jon Hill is running for re-election

Dear Editor: Since the Republican County Assembly, I have been thinking of topics for a column. Then, a few days ago, I ran into a man who grew up in Rangely and left in 1993. He was a senior when I was a freshman. He had recently been in Rangely and we discussed how it […]

Letter to the Editor: Today is last day to comment on Use Plan

Dear Editor: The White River and Douglas Creek conservation districts, in partnership with Rio Blanco County, are developing a Land and Resource Use Plan (Plan) for the citizens of Rio Blanco County. The districts and county are requesting input from Rio Blanco County landowners and citizens, and all comments must be submitted on line or […]

Letter to the Editor: Thanks to Rangely for quick action

Dear Editor: This is an open letter to the folks in Rangely.

Letter to the Editor: Obama! Jobs you created

Dear Editor: Obama! Jobs you created. President Obama, you claim to have created hundreds of thousand of jobs.

Letter to the Editor: Good job done on Justice Center

Dear Editor: I have lived in Meeker for 38 years and taught at the Meeker Elementary School for 28 years. I just want to say that the design of the new Rio Blanco County Justice Center, especially the original school, is well designed to serve the public for many years to come with comfortable, spacious, […]

Letter to the Editor: Goal for The TANK! reached

Dear Editor: A huge thanks out to all for putting us over our $57,000 goal!

Letter to the Editor: My vote was cancelled

Dear Editor: My vote was cancelled. The lady in the last election who voted for Obama because he gave her a free cell phone, I figure my well-thought-out vote was cancelled out by her vote.

Letter to the Editor: WPX grateful for opportunity to take part in land use process

Dear Editor: Recently, WPX Energy was recognized by the Rio Blanco County commissioners as a valuable partner in the revision of the county’s land use regulations.

Letter to the Editor: Rangely Food Bank in need of cash donations

Dear Editor: The Rangely Food Bank is in desperate need of cash donations to help cover the cost for rent for the building, other utilities and purchased items from warehouse.

Letter to the Editor: Meeker mayor urges residents to vote

Dear Editor: This is an open letter to the citizens of Meeker. It is always amazing how last week was New Year’s Day but next week is now March 1. Daylight Saving Time and the first day of spring are upon us. As these days and weeks become years, we have a chance to make […]

Letter to the Editor: Oil, gas partnerships with Rio Blanco County appreciated

Dear Editor: Times are tough for the natural gas business in Northwest Colorado. But tough times don’t diminish the appreciation our association has for partnerships in Rio Blanco County.

Letter to the Editor: Back of Justice Center really looks like hell

Dear Editor: In the Herald Times two weeks ago, there were several letters about the new Rio Blanco County Justice Center. Well, one of them criticized how the front entrance looked “like Hell.” I say to this, have you walked around and looked at the back of the building? Now that is what looks like […]