Letter to the Editor: Thanks for help with tournament

Dear Editor: This past weekend, the 22nd annual Rangely Racquetball Tournament was held at the Western Rio Blanco Recreation Center. I would like to thank Camilla, Kirsten, Jessica and the rest of the WRBM staff for helping me put on this event.

Letter to the Editor: Church in Rangely thanks Episcopal church for help

Dear Editor: Pastor Mark D. Futch and all the members of New Creation Church of Rangely would like to thank Father Scott Hollenbeck and the members of St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church in Rangely for extending their goodness to us in allowing us to “share” their beautiful facility for our church services.

Letter to the Editor: Thanks for naming us Business of the Year

Dear Editor: We would like to thank everyone at the Meeker Chamber of Commerce and those who selected Meeker General Mercantile as Meeker’s Business of the Year.

Letter to the Editor: No news in the paper

Dear Editor: For the most part of the past two years, the Rio Blanco Herald Times has been a huge disappointment.

Letter to the Editor: Thanks for support at a difficult time

Dear Editor: Thank you to each and every one of you for your support at this difficult time.

Letter to the Editor: A proud time for Rio Blanco County

Coach Bill Turner pictured with one of his many winning wrestling teams.

Dear Editor: Growing up in Rangely, laying to rest in Meeker! Coach Bill Turner was one of the best men I have ever known. The progeny, legacy, and respect that he leaves behind is miraculous. Yes he was a fantastic coach and biology teacher, but when you got to know him, he was very wise, […]

Letter to the Editor: Thanks for help

Dear Editor: Thank you so much to everyone who provided support and compassion after Conrad (Conch) passed away so suddenly.

Letter to the Editor: Why is out-of-Meeker water more expensive?

Dear Editor: In the Feb. 5, 2015, Herald Times you announced an increase in the water rates by the Town of Meeker.

Letter to the Editor: Let’s amend the constitution

Dear Editor: Join the movement to amend the U.S. Constitution.

Letter to the Editor: MHS track, football field update

Dear Editor: A week ago, the Meeker Eduction Foundation sent the following information to all those who had donated to the Meeker high school track/football field project. Some folks, who didn’t receive the letter, were confused by last week’s article, and we hope the following will answer their questions.

Letter to the Editor: More on OHV bill clarification

Dear Editor: In response to various questions and conversations we have had, we would like to provide some additional facts regarding the recent bill, HB15-1054, concerning OHV (off-highway vehicle) usage.

Letter to the Editor: Thanks for assistance

Dear Editor: Due to recent health issues, we have needed some assistance at home and would like to say thank you to the Rangely Police Department, the Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s Office, and the Rangely District Hospital for going above and beyond anything that we ever expected! A special thank you to Police Chief Wilczek […]