Letter to the Editor: Rangely responds to resident’s health needs

Dear Editor: I want to thank the Rangely community, local businesses and everyone else for the donations for my stem cell rejuvenation.

Letter to the Editor: Praise for Pioneers Medical Center

Dear Editor: Dennis and I cannot say enough about the fabulous care he received in his 21 days at Pioneers Medical Center here in Meeker.

Letter to the Editor: Observations from recall committee

Dear Editor: With our apologies to all who have signed our Meeker School District recall petitions aimed at the school board leadership—the three longest serving members who are the board officers—we announce that we have not collected enough signatures for last week’s deadline.

Letter to the Editor: Investigating Benghazi an expensive vote

Dear Editor: “GOP-led panel largely debunks Benghazi claims: Report backs U.S. response, finds no cover-up by White House.” This was front-page news in the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel two Sundays ago.

Letter to the Editor: In support of law enforcement

Dear Editor: I want to thank our Rio Blanco Sheriff’s Office, the Colorado State Patrol and the Meeker and Rangely police departments and all other government workers (fire departments, EMTs, etc.) for keeping our towns safe and healthy. I am tired of hearing on the news stations of all the demonstrations and lawlessness that is […]

Letter to the Editor: In support of legal marijuana sales

Dear Editor: I support the lawful sale of medical and recreational marijuana to adults in Rio Blanco County. I have sympathy for the use of medical marijuana by our sick, handicapped and those who cannot access high-priced prescriptions. It would be shameful for us to deny one citizen who is in chronic pain a local […]

Letter to the Editor: Apology to Steiner, Halandras

Dear Editor: This letter of apology is to Mr. Larry Steiner and Mr. Regus Halandras and to all who were offended by my letter in the Rio Blanco Herald Times on Nov. 27.

Letter to the Editor: Pioneers thanks folks who made Parade of Lights, Homes tour such successes

Dear Editor: Pioneers Healthcare Foundation would like to thank the many people and organizations that made the 2014 Festival of Lights and Parade of Homes a fun success. We couldn’t do it without a great team.

Letter to the Editor: Support for Larry Steiner

Dear Editor: I really wanted to stay out of this debate on whether or not Meeker should have a marijuana shop, but I think something should be said.

Letter to the Editor: Thanking Dish Network for help

Dear Editor: I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dish Network and its fraud department for taking the time to listen to what happened to me and then go one step further by transferring me to its fraud department so they could take a report of my incident and explain to me the […]

Letter to the Editor: Defending Meeker’s mayor, his insight

Dear Editor: The population of Meeker is getting older, and the younger generations have to leave to find work.

Letter to the Editor: Mayor Halandras not as depicted in letter

Dear Editor: First let me apologize for straying from the usual format of right vs. left battles, gay bashing, ebola and the Apocalypse. In the Nov. 27 issue of the Rio Blanco Herald Times there is a letter to the editor titled “Opinions differ about marijuana” from Lawrence and Louise Courtright. This is not to […]