Letter to the Editor: From the governor’s office about wolves

Dear Editor: This is an open letter to Bob Amick of Meeker: Thank you for writing our office to share your thoughts on the resolution passed by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission (PWC) on Jan. 13, 2016, regarding wolves in our state. Interest in wolves remains high in Colorado and the PWC resolution has […]

Letter to the Editor: Thanks for support, compassion

Dear Editor: We would like to thank the following persons and businesses for their compassion and support during our mom’s final days. Thanks to: Rhonda and Kim with Rangely Home Health; Drs. Abbie and Aguirre at Rangely District Hospital; Pastor Jasper Wiston; Amorrette Hawkins; Jerry Blankenship; Jake at Ashley Valley Funeral Home; and Chris and […]

Letter to the Editor: What local superintendents want from the state

Dear Editor: This is an open letter from the Colorado state school superintendents requesting adequate school funding from the Colorado State Legislature.

Letter to the Editor: What to do when kids are hurting

Dear Editor: Not often, but not infrequently in my role as a therapist, I hear “my 8-year-old said he didn’t want to be alive anymore.” Sometimes this statement is a one-off, an exaggeration of how a child is feeling because they were caught in a lie or are embarrassed.

Letter to the Editor: Hospital thanks road and bridge crew, Lions Club

Dear Editor: On behalf of the board and staff at Pioneers Medical Center, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the team at the Rio Blanco County Road and Bridge Department and Meeker Lions Club.

Letter to the Editor: Comments on wolves appreciated

Dear Editor: Sean, I wanted to thank you for your comments in last week’s “From My Window” column about the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission saying no to wolves.

Letter to the Editor: Carbondale man challenges Tipton

Dear Editor: I email you to announce my candidacy for Congress in Colorado’s third congressional district. I run to truly annihilate Islamic terror and to reclaim our Constitutional heritage.

Letter to the Editor: Opposed to Colorado wolf reintroduction

Dear Editor: This is an open letter to Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper and members of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission.

Letter to the Editor: Tax notices coming to RBC residents

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Dear Editor: Rio Blanco County residents and taxpayers: You will soon receive your Tax Notice from the Rio Blanco County Treasurer. Upon receiving your Notice, many of you may have questions and concerns about why your taxes have increased or decreased. Please understand that the value of your property is only part of what makes […]

Letter to the Editor: Thankful for snow plow operators

Dear Editor: At this time of year, we tend to think about people and things that we are thankful for. One group of people is the public employees, specifically the snow plow operators.

Letter to the Editor: I love you, too

Dear Editor: I love you too… This Christmas I gave my wife a nice Christmas card.

Letter to the Editor: Gitmo detainees

Dear Editor: Mr. President Obama… I have a suggestion for you to consider.