A 1934 photo of students at the Lime Kiln Hill School included (back row) Milton Sykes, Armettia Toembly, Muriel Sterry, Earl Sterry, Elsie Sykes, Dorothy Sykes, Rex Sterry and teacher Eleanor Service. (Front row) Dick Moyer, Howard Sterry, George Sterry, Walter Moyer, Louise Sterry, Leonard Sykes, Marilyn Sykes, Iris Sykes and Alma Mae Sykes. The photo is from the third volume of the “This Is What I Remember” series of books available for purchase at the White River Museum.

Lime Kiln’s long history: Part 3

February 3, 2013 Hallie Blunt 0

MEEKER I The tremendous history of Meeker’s Lime Kiln region has been the subject of various features, however, there is still so much to tell and so many areas to focus on, from the Sunday […]