Lime Kiln’s long history: Part 3

MEEKER I The tremendous history of Meeker’s Lime Kiln region has been the subject of various features, however, there is still so much to tell and so many areas to focus on, from the Sunday gatherings at different homes to the amazing co-op of the threshing machine, the entire area was like a family and […]

The history of the Lime Kiln region

MEEKER I The history of Lime Kiln is very interesting, beginning with the land itself. Share on Facebook

My version of “The Day on Lime Kiln”

MEEKER I At the risk of making my “Old School” beliefs completely transparent, I am going to write my version of the day On Lime Kiln, where I was so fortunate to learn that the value of a neighbor and the strength of an entire community still exists. Share on Facebook