Loose Ends: Noon whistle mystery solved

Residents who miss the “noon whistle” will be pleased if the Rio Blanco Volunteer Fire Protection District gets it going once again. Share on Facebook

Loose Ends: Nanny’s Baby Blues

January is the month for returning all of those holiday purchases. Families who find themselves searching for baby equipment can relate to the following story. Share on Facebook

Loose Ends: Resolving to forgo one tradition

New Year’s resolutions never work. The reason is that first key word, resolution, dooms the maker to failure. Tradition might dictate a perfunctory list-making but it never requires follow-through. It is not like one is swearing an oath, as resolving to do something carries no weight. Share on Facebook

Loose Ends: Gift wrapping time

More. More. More … It’s not money everyone finds themselves short of this holiday season, it’s time. Share on Facebook

Loose Ends: Whatever happened to … the noon whistle?

What happened to the noon whistle?”someone asked the other day. The absence of that high-pitched shriek reminded me of my own reliance on the bells of St. James as a time management device. Share on Facebook

Loose Ends: Fa-la-la-la-la

When does a community event become a tradition? Is it when it is declared an annual event after its success that first year or when it is held on the same date the next year and all the following years? Share on Facebook

Loose Ends: Big business booming

Small businesses have finally gotten into the action for Christmas shopping. Share on Facebook

Loose Ends: Thanks for Giving II

THANKS to Meeker Video’s number one canine pamperer, Angie Arnold, who always makes sure that all her doggy friends get a biscuit or two. Share on Facebook

Loose Ends: Thanks for giving

Most of the Thanksgiving meals of my childhood included the yearly ritual of going around the table and listing all the things for which we were thankful. Share on Facebook

Loose Ends: Put your name on it

Unsigned letters to the editors have always been a part of the newspaper business. It doesn’t appear to matter if the policy of the newspaper has been to only print signed letters, “Anonymous” can be persistent. Share on Facebook

Loose Ends: Anywhere but here

Where the heck is Meeker?” It’s a question commonly broached to residents traveling away from home. Residents report that it happens as well in Rifle and Craig. Share on Facebook

Loose Ends: The most important civic duty

There are a lot of references to doing one’s civic duty throughout the year. Making a change in the community involves more than signing up to help a local organization or two. It means taking time on Election Day to vote. Share on Facebook