Loose Ends: Taking a stand against child abuse

It takes a village to raise children and it takes a community to stop child abuse. The big white sign on the courthouse lawn is not the eye-catcher; it is the patch of pinwheels representing all of the abused and neglected children across the state of Colorado. Share on Facebook

Loose Ends: New name for season needed

Spring has become un-sprung. After the yearly calendar’s declaration of the first day of the season more than a week ago, one would think that signs of the green and growing season would appear. Share on Facebook

Loose Ends: Once a Westerner…

Most everyone’s view of the west is based on the romanticized, gussied-up version of this region of the country. Share on Facebook

Loose Ends: Pick up after your pet

The dog walkers among us may be familiar with the handy plastic bags dispensed at a few of the parks in town but they may not have noticed that each station is marked with a reminder to be responsible and pick up after pets. Share on Facebook

Loose Ends: Blue skies few and far between

Watching the news in the past few weeks, it was obvious that predicting the weather is more of an art than a science. They need to be able to predict blue sky, as so many of us simply take it for granted. Can’t you just picture it? The meteorologists would have more data to predict […]

Loose Ends: No more need for speed

At first glance the old trailer by the side of the road appeared to be just one more addition to someone’s collection of old vehicles. No one seemed to notice it. Then as I walked briskly down the Fifth Street hill one morning, I glanced up to see that a large red number 42 had […]

Loose Ends: No place like home

“Did you see that someone found your glasses downtown?” a friend asks before informing me that a sign posted on the corner light post had the information I needed to retrieve them. There was no question in her mind that the specs had to be mine. “I think someone found your missing key,” a friend […]

Loose Ends: Politics of small-town politicking

Small-town politics never change. Even in the years before the town was established relationships between area residents went up and down with the issues of the day. Looking back at history it is important to note that one of the newspaper’s seasonal editorial columns from 125 years ago talks about being tired of politics. Share […]

Loose Ends: Dogs, ducks, determination

The woman had border collies long before the local sheepdog trials. She couldn’t find enough for them to do on the ranch. While they had plenty of room outside to run, they had no work to do. So her dogs usually resorted to filling their hours by getting into trouble. Until she discovered that ducks […]

Loose Ends: The search continues

For years, the search for buried treasure has been taking place right before our eyes. One never knew when you’d happen upon someone wielding a metal detector, combing over an abandoned or empty lot. This area was never known for precious metals, although a few residents moved here after living near abandoned silver or gold […]

Loose Ends: Shortcuts make for short fuses

“Get out of my yard!” the angry male voice drifted across the wide expanse of green grass. “Oh, I knew you wouldn’t mind,” the woman answered, but stopped talking when she looked up to see the man wasn’t laughing. He went back into the house. Share on Facebook

Loose Ends: Say what, Facebookers?

When the Herald Times first joined Facebook and offered readers a chance to editorialize Share on Facebook