Candidates for Meeker Town Board present thoughts on the office

Wendy Gutierrez

MEEKER I There are five candidates for three four-year terms on the Meeker Town Board of Trustees, and the all-mail election closes April 5. Ballots were mailed to voters earlier this week. The board has six members plus a mayor, with three member seats and the mayor up for election every two years.

Meeker board OKs plan to seek National Historic Register status

The old army garrison, which now includes the White River Museum on Park Street in Meeker, could be a part of the designation of several blocks downtown which would be included on the National Register of Historic Places.

EDITOR’s NOTE: This story is being presented in two parts. This first part takes a look at the plan for the possible inclusion of parts of downtown Meeker on the National Register of Historic Places, a definition of what inclusion on the National Register means and the lack of forced restrictions on any property owner […]

Board report…

The fifth grade student council officers at Meeker Elementary School presented a report to the Meeker School Board on Jan. 20. The students, from left to right, are Kelton Tanner, Shane Kobald, Hadley Franklin, Tasos Halandras and John Hampton Hightower.

Town board increases water rates for Meeker

MEEKER I The Meeker Town Board raised water rates Tuesday night at a level slightly higher than had initially been proposed.

Meeker board to vote on water rate hike; rates still lower than other towns

MEEKER I The Meeker Town Board will consider a slight water rate hike through a proposed resolution at its Feb. 3 meeting. A resolution allows the board to raise those rates by vote of the majority of the board and is not subject to a public hearing.

Scott Creecy takes seat on Meeker Town Board

Scott Creecy

MEEKER I Scott Creecy, a six-year resident of Meeker, was sworn into office on Tuesday night, filling the vacancy left on the board when board member Regas Halandras, who was termed out on the board, ran unopposed for Meeker mayor.

Town OKs closure of block of 5th Street

MEEKER I The Meeker Town Board on Tuesday gave unanimous approval to an ordinance requested by Rio Blanco County to close Fifth Street from Main to Park streets to allow the courthouse and old elementary school to encompass the two-block area.

Ducey newest face on town board

Meeker Town Clerk Lisa Cook (left) administers the oath of office to Bryce Ducey, the newest member of the Meeker Board of Trustees during the March 18 board meeting.

MEEKER I When the Meeker Town Board next tends to business on April 4, the face of long-time Meeker resident Bryce Ducey will take his seat for the full meeting as the newest member of the board of trustees.

Ducey joins Meeker board

MEEKER I Town native Bryce Ducey was chosen Tuesday evening to fill the vacant seat on the Town of Meeker Board of Trustees.

Board adopts snow policy

Former U.S. Congressman Scott McInnis, now the executive director of the Associated Governments of Northwest Colorado (AGNC) was in Meeker asking town trustees to renew their membership and “get their voice back.”

MEEKER I After receiving several complaints and phone calls from local citizens, it was determined that the Town of Meeker did not have an official snow removal policy. But they do now, after adopting one at their Jan. 8 meeting.

Town of Meeker is debt-free

MEEKER I As of January 2012, the Town of Meeker is officially debt-free. The town made its final payment on a debt incurred in the 1970s for the town’s water system.

Market Street about to be surveyed

MEEKER I Surveying is about to begin on the Market Street sidewalk project. The design for the sidewalk plan will run from Watts Ranch Market to the mobile home park just past Twelfth Street on the north side and from Backcountry Realty’s office to the BLM/Forest Service building on the south side.