County accepts old Meeker school; future use uncertain

MEEKER I The Rio Blanco County commissioners voted unanimously Monday to accept possession of the downtown Meeker property known as the old Meeker elementary school, but they made it clear that the building is not automatically going to be demolished in favor of the new county justice center.

Letter to the Editor: Value of Meeker Elementary School

Dear Editor: The story is told of a collector of antique rifles who liked to haggle for the best price when purchasing such treasures.

Mayor, town manager appeal for Rangely to house justice center

RANGELY I Feeling that his town has been left out of consideration for too long, Rangely Mayor Frank Huitt believes the Early Education Center, which is now for sale by Rangely School Ditrict RE-4, would make an ideal location for the new Rio Blanco County Justice Center.

WPA made old Meeker Elementary School possible

This photograph was taken in front of the foundation of the new elementary school with Mrs. Massie’s third-grade class of 1938-39 in front.

MEEKER I “A public meeting of the taxpayers of District No. 1 will be held Monday evening in the high school auditorium for the purpose of discussing the [elementary school] building situation…” announces the local newspaper on Feb. 28, 1938.


Todd Morris and Jason Hightower

Rio Blanco Fire Protection District received a request from Stanley Crawford at Meeker Elementary School for donations to help with create emergency disaster kits in each classroom.

MES plants multi-purpose garden

Students in first- through fifth-grades at Meeker Elementary School built a garden this spring that they hope will create a welcoming environment at the school. The garden is a pizza, salsa and sensory potpourri with the garden growing fruits and vegetables for a pizza, vegetables with which to make salsa and the sensory garden filled with scented herbs like lavender, sage, etc.

MEEKER I Meeker Elementary School students and staff created an outdoor garden project to help inspire a welcoming environment for their school.

Letter to the Editor: CO-STARS volunteers appreciated

Dear Editor: I would like to extend special thanks to the following community members and teachers who volunteered their time and talents to make the first CO-STARS academic event a success:

Meeker moves to turn school over to county

MEEKER I The Meeker Town Board of Trustees voted unanimously Tuesday night to proceed with an ordinance that would allow the town to turn the old Meeker Elementary School on Main Street in the downtown area over to the Rio Blanco County Board of Commissioners.

MES CO-STARS academic contest

MEEKER I On May 17, Meeker Elementary School fourth- and fifth-graders had the chance to participate in the Western Slope’s inaugural CO-STARS (Colorado Sensing Talent and Recognizing Scholarship) academic contest.

Letter to the Editor: Don’t raze the old elementary school

Dear Editor: This is an open letter to the Meeker community. I’ve always said that one of the reasons Meeker is such a great place to live is because most of the people who live here are here by choice. You don’t often hear people talking about being stuck here or planning their departures after […]

Perfect attendance…

Sam Hightower

It might not hurt that his father, Jason Hightower, is the principal, but Sam Hightower, above, a kindergarden student at Meeker Elementary School, is the only student at the school who had perfect attendance for the 2012-2013 year.

Letter to the Editor: Give old elementary more time

Dear Editor: This is an open letter to the Rio Blanco County commissioners and the Town of Meeker administration.