The Meeker volunteer fire department responded to a grill fire and gas leak reported at the Meeker Café Tuesday. Local police evacuated people from the surrounding buildings while the fire was extinguished and gas lines were turned off and checked. The Café was expected to reopen Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

MDA fundraiser …

The Meeker Hotel and Cafe served as a jail last week as part of a fundraiser for Muscular Dystrophy. Meeker Cafe server Britany Walsh volunteered to be a jailbird and raised more than $500 in bail money for the cause.

Family Irish Jig

The Eastern Rio Blanco Metropolitan Recreation and Park District hosted a family Irish jig on St. Patrick’s Day at the Meeker Hotel and Cafe that included live entertainment, dessert and prizes.

Letter to the Editor: Thanks for Irish band

Dear Editor: I want to thank the Rec. District for bringing an Irish band to Meeker for Saint Patrick’s day and the Meeker Hotel for hosting this community event.

Holiday spirit…

Tim Wittmayer of the Meeker Hotel decorates the front of the hotel, welcoming holiday travelers.