Letter to the Editor: MSD works to rebuild lost programs

Dear Editor: This is to inform constituents of the Meeker School District about recent decisions made by their school board. Share on Facebook

From the Superintendent: MSD defines security plan

MEEKER I While getting to know the Meeker community during the past several months, many of you have frequently heard me comment that student learning is the number one goal for a school system. Given that student learning will always be goal No. 1, student safety is goal 1A. Share on Facebook

Frequent MSD critic speaks favorably of changes within district

MEEKER I At the Meeker Board of Education meeting on March 15, the most interesting event, in addition to honoring, in person, the high school wrestling state championship team and participants in middle school “History Day,” were comments made by a citizen who showed up just to make his remarks. Share on Facebook

From the Superintendent: Funding for district still the key to getting back what was lost

MEEKER I “Money, money, money … all the things I could do if I had a little money.” Who would have ever thought the 1976 lyrics from the legendary Swedish band ABBA would best describe the financial state of Colorado’s public schools in 2016? Share on Facebook

From the Superintendent: Understanding dynamics of Colorado school funding

MEEKER I As the 2016 legislative session begins, funding for school finance will once again take center stage. For the Meeker School District, multiple programs and offerings have been cut over the past several years in response to the declining investment Colorado is making in K-12 education. Share on Facebook

Selle joins superintendents calling for more funding

MEEKER I Meeker Superintendent of Schools Chris Selle participated Jan. 14 in a news conference by state school superintendents at the State Capitol, urging the Legislature to properly fund public schools. Share on Facebook

MSD, RSD superintendents displeased with ACT switch; state may delay action

RBC I The state may be reconsidering its most recent state testing change, and that would make local school superintendents happy. Share on Facebook

State changes from ACT tests to SATs for college entrance, sophs

MEEKER I On Dec. 23, when virtually no public school or administrative offices in the state were open, Colorado school superintendents were notified by email that the New SAT and the PSAT (formerly Scholastic Aptitude Test and the Preliminary SAT) had been chosen by an independent selection committee to serve as the Colorado college entrance […]

Superintendent in Meeker still being impressed by students in district

MEEKER I It has been my privilege to be a part of the Meeker School District for a full semester. In applying for and subsequently accepting the superintendent position in the district, it was my belief that committed adults were working with phenomenal students. Share on Facebook

Meeker program furnIshes healthy foods …

The Meeker School Lunch Program has been consulting with the Livewell Colorado chefs and all that the program brings to the district. “This program has not only given new recipes for our children to try, but it has also been a guide in helping make our program the best it can be,” said Cindy Nelson, […]

Meeker High School science students testing roller coaster energy loss

MEEKER I Four judges picked out the top 10 Meeker High School freshmen’s marble roller coasters last week from more than 50 submitted as part of their physical science classes taught by Michelle Selle this fall. Some were done by individuals, others by teams of two. The projects were part of the classes’ energy studies. […]

Meeker School District 2015 Winter Community Concert

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