Park Service has seasonal law enforcement academy at CNCC

Rangely Learning Center coordinator Ramona Smalec takes on National Park Service student Steve Saeuberlich as spotters Morgan Dearing and Robert MaGee III look on. The NPS Seasonal Law Enforcement Training Academy is located on the Colorado Northwestern Community College campus in Rangely and brings in students from all over the country.

RBC I Jennifer Walgrave, coordinator of the Seasonal Law Enforcement Training Program, announced Monday that the National Park Service academy is ready to show off its new home on the Colorado Northwestern Community College campus in Rangely.

Suicides high in national parks; Monument near top

RBC I Many of us are attracted to nature, expansive views and wild settings, so it’s not surprising that this year millions will come West to visit our spectacular national parks. Almost all will go back home to talk of the wonders of the mountains and the brilliant stars at night. But a tragic few […]