Obituary: Fred McDonald

Fred Eugene McDonald, 87, passed away Sept 18, 2012, at his retirement home in Phoenix, Ariz. Share on Facebook

Obituary: Syble Barney

Syble Lorain (Williams) Barney, 87, passed away on July 23, 2012, at the Walbridge Wing in Meeker, Colo. Share on Facebook

Obituary: Chantel Powell

Chantel Spring Powell was born March 11, 1978 in Rangely, Colo., to the loving parents of Vernon Powell and Cindy Williams-Ribble. Share on Facebook

Obituary: Robert “Bob” Smuts

Robert “Bob” Smuts Sept. 4, 1928 ~ May 10, 2012 Bob Smuts, 83, was born Sept. 4, 1928, in Huntington, Ind., to Ruth and Virgil Smuts. He was the fourth of 10 children, and grew up helping to provide for his family. Bob lived many places before retiring from the Northwest Pipe Line in 1984. […]

Obituary: Leon Oltmann

Leon Kent Oltmann was born on Aug. 10, 1940, in Shell Rock, Iowa, to Ed and Laura Oltmann. Share on Facebook

Obituary: Tom Kritsas

Tom N. Kritsas, 57, was born in Meeker, Colo., on Nov. 8, 1954. He passed away on May 10, 2012, after a short battle with cancer. Share on Facebook

Obituary: Irene Edith Myers

Irene Edith Myers, 97, aka “Granny,” passed away May 14, 2012, at the Rangely District Hospital. Share on Facebook

Death Notice

Joe B. Spence Joe B. Spence, formerly of Meeker, died on March 3, 2012 at the VA Hospital in Grand Junction, CO. Leila (Pinkie) Spence, formerly of Meeker, died March 23, 2012 at St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Junction, CO. Services are pending. Share on Facebook

Obituary: Lee “Carol” Leavitt

Lee Carol Melton Leavitt, 70, mother and grandmother, passed away of natural causes on Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2011, at Lakeview Hospital in Bountiful, Utah. Share on Facebook

Obituary: Norman “Bud” James Klements

Norman Klements died peacefully of natural causes at Rangely District Hospital. Share on Facebook

Obituary: Marion Brown Lake

Marion Brown Lake Feb. 27, 1917 ~ Nov. 9, 2011 Francis Marion Brown was born Feb. 27, 1917, in Meeker, Colo., to Walter Marion Brown and Mary Ruth Davis Brown. Share on Facebook

Death Notice: Pat Thompson

Patricia Ellen Thompson is survived by her best friend and husband of 33 years Bud Thompson, daughter Heather Kinnamon and two granddaughters. She was born in New York City, N.Y., to Emmanuel Homer and Millicent Vello Guillis. Share on Facebook