In for the long haul: Williams about to drill 3,000th gas well in Piceance Basin

RBC — Williams will continue to be an active player in the Piceance Basin, but not at the same level it has been in the past few years.

Rifle prison gets reprieve from governor

RBC — Northwest Colorado, with concerns about the slowdown in oil and gas activity, received some good economic news last week with the announcement the Rifle Correctional Center would remain open.

No way to cope with COPD; stop smoking

Tammie Freitag has two words for smokers. “Stop smoking,” she said. “Put it in bold, stop smoking, please.”

Record number of drilling permits in Garfield County

GARFIELD COUNTY — The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission approved 2,888 drilling permits in Garfield County in 2008, highest in the state and the most-ever approved in Garfield County.

Environmentalists file oil shale lawsuits

RBC — Thirteen environmental groups Friday filed two lawsuits

Shell Oil moving ahead with plans for oil shale production

RBC — It was a big news week for Shell Oil. First, it was announced Jan. 7 that Shell had filed for water rights on the Yampa River. The water would be used for the company’s future oil shale operations.

Record drilling permits in ’08

RBC — The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission Monday reported 8,027 drilling permits were issued in 2008, 26 percent higher than the previous record of 6,366 permits issued in 2007.

Pinedale residents warn of energy impact

RBC — Officials from Pine-dale, Wyo., visited Rio Blanco County in August to compare notes with officials here about the impact of energy development.

Pipelines race out of the mountains into yards

DENVER (AP) — In the push toward more energy independence, massive infrastructure projects that will help to deliver it have clashed with cherished rights of land ownership.

Energy companies are taking conservative approach to ’09

Companies’ plans tied to U.S. economy RBC — With the slowdown in the economy and the uncertainty of the markets, energy companies operating in Rio Blanco County are approaching the new year accordingly. “We can’t speculate about 2009, because we don’t know what the economy will do,” said Jim Lowry of ConocoPhillips. “Our 2008 capital […]

Woman critical after rollover by semi

RBC — A 43-year-old Iowa City, Iowa, woman is in critical condition after she was run over Monday by a semi-trailer at a gas pipeline construction site.

Group says oil shale regs will benefit consumers

RANGELY — Environmentally Con-scious Consumers for Oil Shale (ECCOS) Tuesday marked a major milestone in the nation’s effort to become more energy independent–according to a publication by the U.S. Dept. of the Interior of final commercial leasing regulations for oil shale.