Shale down but not out!

RBC I Oil shale boosters and other enthusiasts were gathered at an annual Colorado School of Mines conference recently, when the talk turned to Shell Oil’s announcement that it was abandoning its oil shale project in western Colorado.

Shell Oil pulls all three R&D leases in Rio Blanco County

RBC I In a surprise move, Shell Oil announced last week that it will be shutting down its research and development in the upper Piceance Basin area of Rio Blanco County, southeast of Rangely.

Enefit American Oil presentation today

MEEKER | Enefit American Oil will offer a presentation today in Meeker regarding its planned oil shale project in the southern part of the Uintah Basin just west of the Colorado border.

Enefit American Oil presentation May 16

MEEKER | Enefit American Oil will offer a presentation May 16 in Meeker about its planned oil shale project in the southern part of the Uintah Basin just west of the Colorado border.

Sportsmen praise new oil shale plan

RBC I A new version of a federal plan regulating development of oil shale and tar sands on public lands in Colorado, Wyoming and Utah drew measured praise from Sportsmen for Responsible Energy Development on Friday.

Oil shale proponent networks in Rangely

RBC I Brad McCloud’s message at last week’s community networking meeting was uncompromising: do not dismiss oil shale’s potential as a viable energy source in a world of increasing demand.

Former reserve director testifies about oil shale

RBC I Anton Dammer, former director of the Naval Oil Shale Reserve, testified before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on March 20, 2012, regarding the development of oil shale resources in the United States. A summary of his testimony follows:

Facts and figures about oil shale development

RBC I BLM is accepting public comment on its Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement for oil shale development in Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah, including the Piceance Basin. I would like to offer the following observations, based on review of the available research. BLM and the communities in northwest Colorado must address a number of concerns regarding […]

Sportsmen urge BLM to use caution

RBC I As federal officials consider how to move forward on oil shale development, a sportsmen’s coalition is urging caution because no proven technology exists and the impacts on the West’s public lands, fish, wildlife, water and air quality are unknown.

Oil shale can provide jobs for future

RBC I Developing America’s abundant oil shale resources will create tens of thousands of new American jobs and generate new revenue to help pay for infrastructure improvements, thereby creating even more jobs.

Letter to the Editor: Oil shale or “tight oil”

Dear Editor: Despite all the media attention given to oil shale and oil from shale, or “tight oil,” there exists a great deal of confusion about the two.

Oil shale technology has come a long way

RBC I Progress has been made in oil shale research and development in the United States during the past year. Similar advances have been made outside U.S. borders.