Women help fund public land; sexism repels them

RBC I Women often wonder whether it is safe for them to hike solo. For me, the answer clearly is yes. I’ve hiked 8,000 miles by myself, pioneered routes in Utah and the Columbia River Gorge, and set an Appalachian Trail speed record. But others argue that in the eyes of a good chunk of […]

Safe oil and gas nothing to complain about; fracking no contaminant

RBC I Geologists at the University of Cincinnati just wrapped up a three-year investigation of hydraulic fracturing and its impact on local water supplies. The result? There’s no evidence—zero, zilch, nada—that fracking contaminates drinking water. Researchers hoped to keep these findings secret.

Opinion: No, federal land transfers not any part of the U.S. Constitution

RBC I At the heart of age-old disagreements about who should own and manage public lands in Western states—the federal government, states, or local communities—is one key document: the U.S. Constitution.

Elections: Participate in the entire process

RBC I There are so many reasons why it is easy to develop a sense of apathy when it comes to elections. The intense campaigns and their ceaseless nature can wear on even the most devout political followers.

A Look at the News: Supply and demand: Drilling down, driving gasoline prices up

RBC I There’s an adage in the oil and gas industry, one that could apply to almost any commodity, really: “The best cure for high prices is high prices, and the best cure for low prices is low prices.” That is: High prices lead to more drilling, leading to greater production and, thus, greater supply.

Opinion: The reality of federal land transfer funds

RBC I Since 2012, the American Lands Council has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to advocate and lobby for the transfer of federal lands to states. Such a move could dramatically change how these lands are managed, affecting anybody who makes a living in, lives near, recreates in, or simply loves the notion of […]

Opinion: There’s never a good time for term limits in Congress

RBC I It didn’t get much attention at the time, but the elections in November did more than give Republicans a majority in the U.S. Senate. Voters also added to the ranks of people on both sides of Capitol Hill who believe members of Congress should serve a limited number of terms. I know a […]

Forget New Year’s resolutions; just make mistakes

This early in the new year, print and digital media can’t say enough about resolutions. On ABC News, it’s the science behind achieving them, while Time.com warns us of the pitfalls that destroy them.

Guest Editorial: Recent fracking information was alarming, but it isn’t true

RBC I University of Maryland researchers just concluded that hydraulic fracturing—the process of shaking oil and gas free from below—could endanger the health of nearby residents by exposing them to air and water pollution. This would certainly be cause for alarm, if true.

Opinion: Holidays hazardous to our health

RBC I It’s a sad statistical fact: The holidays, from Halloween through Christmas and on to New Year’s Day are a treacherous time when it comes to our health.

Temple Grandin: Children and livestock are sometimes alike

My window lets me see some fog. You know, those days when things are clear but the concepts are a big foggy, and some people just don’t understand.

Letter: Health fair glitch: some blood redraws

Dear Editor: We would like to thank the 590 people who participated in the 9Health Fair on April 19. We had a great turnout for the health screenings, but, unfortunately, we did experience one problem.