Letter: Meeker Phillies baseball team thanks the community

Dear Editor: We would like to thank Valley Repair, Western Slope Sod Farm, RBC 4-H and Bill Jordan, Wendll’s Wondrous Things, Tom Kilduff, L.T. and Dawn Eichman, Crystal Hernandez,

Letter: Remember Korean War veterans

Dear Editor: We all should proudly remember the veterans of the Korean War as the 60th anniversary of the signing of the armistice that brought the war to an end was on Saturday.

from my window… Current mindset of many a problem for county teens

The stories written in the past three weeks by Meeker High School to-be-senior Calvin Shepherd are prophetic and troubling.

Searching for a school superintendent; what a parent learned

RANGELY I I haven’t been the parent of school-aged children for long. As of this fall, I’ll be the mom of a kindergartner and a first-grader. I’m still negotiating the learning curve to understand what kids and teachers need from me at school. There are permission slips to remember and snacks to bring. There’s getting […]

Opinion: Small actions can make a big difference in changing the future

RBC I It’s hard to know what to say, especially in a forum like this, about the mass shooting in Newtown, Conn., a week and a half ago. Because this is a newspaper, and though I by no means fancy myself a journalist, I’m tempted to try my hand at hurtling statistics and tearing apart […]

Special to the Herald Times

RBC I There is little time left before the nation hits the so-called “fiscal cliff.” President Obama and the lame duck Congress have an unprecedented number of issues to address — including some which directly affect every city, town, special district, county, and school district in Colorado — and every Colorado taxpayer.

One last final wink

MEEKER I Our community lost two wonderful people, with the recent deaths of Mr. Dean Parr and Mrs. Ruth King, both originals.

Stealing newspapers is a crime

RBC I Sometimes when you see something that is wrong, you know you need to do something about it. Nine years ago, I was serving as the state representative in District 56, representing the people of Eagle, Lake and Summit counties in the Colorado House of Representatives. Someone was upset about something written in one […]

Much accomplished, but much more to be done

By Jean White RBC I Over the course of my career as a middle and high school teacher, an entrepreneur and a small business owner, I never expected to become a legislator. But now that I’ve represented Northwest Colorado in the State Senate for two years, I’ve found that my experience in business and education […]

Letter: Thank you Rangely

For the past two months Rangely 4-H members collected shoes at the Western Annex, Recreation Center, and the Parkview Elementary School. In the end 135 pairs of gently used and new shoes were collected.

Letter: Thank you

I would like to thank Peggy Rector and Crystal Ducey for hosting the public gathering at Peggy’s home Friday, May 25. Your extra efforts are appreciated very much.

Letter: New statue

First, of all for those who have not noticed we have placed a statue of a “Service Person” representing all branches of our Armed Forces on the East front corner of our land at Silver Sage RV Park on Main Street in Rangely.