Branding of the calves is ranchers’ rite of spring

Ed Heil, center, administers vaccine to the calf as helper Lynn Rissel, far right, looks on. The vaccine provides a variety of protections against problems with the calves, including pink eye.

Branding time…

Logan Hill of Rangely’s Cripple Cowboy Cow Outfit watches Saturday as a herd of cattle makes its way to corrals for calves to be branded and immunized. Like many ranchers in the county, the sixth-generation family business began its branding season earlier this month and will continue through June, when the cattle will be moved up to summer grazing lands.

Calving season…

Calving season has moved into full action the past two or three weeks all around Rio Blanco, with a few exceptions. The cows and their calves were fully enjoying the sunny weather on Sunday in this field along Piceance Creek, along County Road 5.

Centennial Farms Award nominees sought

RBC I History Colorado invites families who have owned and operated their Colorado farm or ranch for 100 years or more to nominate their property for the 2015 Colorado Centennial Farms Award.

Branding: Tradition hasn’t changed much

Kelly Sheridan, left and Coley Turner, right, represent the fifth generation of the Sheridan family in Meeker.  Above, the men work on a calf as they carry on the tradition of family branding.

MEEKER I Spring is here, and for ranchers that means it is time to brand calves and prepare to turn them out for the summer. It is an exciting tradition that has been passed down from generations.

Calving season…


Several new calves were in evidence at the Dunham ranch this week as the cows and their offspring enjoyed the wind and sun. Diane Dunham said several calves came earlier this spring than usual but that there is a long way to go in calving season. The Bill and Diane Dunham property, which straddles the […]

Don’t honk…

phmkcattle on hwy 64

This photographer was rebuked by a cowboy after tapping his car horn to get through a herd of cattle on Highway 64, a sure sign of spring.

Finalists named in Colo. Leopold Award program

RBC I Sand County Foundation, the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association, the Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust, Encana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc., and Peabody Energy are proud to announce the finalists for the 2013 Leopold Conservation Award in Colorado. The award recognizes private landowner achievement in voluntary conservation. The finalists are as follows: Wagon Wheel Ranch […]

Like a good neighbor…”down on the creek”

There’s probably no greater compliment than to be called a good neighbor in that 42-mile community of friends “down on the creek,” Piceance Creek, that is.

USFS seeks photos to document range conditions

Everyone at some point has monitored something in their life. When you were a kid, you probably monitored the candy bowl closely. As an adult, you monitor your checking account to avoid overdrafts and any fraudulent charges.

Ranching Feature: Rustlers remain … so does brand inspector

MEEKER I Ed Coryell has served this area for 35 years as brand inspector.

Ranching Feature: Walsh Ranch juggles cattle, hogs

MEEKER I Tom and Lisa Walsh live on a ranch four miles east of Meeker. We co-manage a purebred cattle operation; have a small cattle herd of our own, and 20 commercial cross-bred sows.