Junior judges…

The Western Rio Blanco County Junior 4-H Livestock Judging Team traveled to the Northern International Livestock Exposition in Billings on Oct. 12, finishing in third place overall. Members of team are, from left: AJ Garner, Del Garner, Raelynn Norman and Cia Buxton. Raelynn Norman swept awards in every category and was named Reserve High Individual, […]

Beautifying Rangely…

Rangely 4-Hers do well at Arizona livestock show

RANGELY I A six-week crash course in livestock skills and judging was put on by Special Events for all 4-H members in the Rangely area.

Meeker and Rangely 4-H achievement nights…

Above is the Meeker 4-H group and below is the Rangely 4-H group. Both had their own separate achievement nights recently, when many awards and recognitions were announced. Both 4-H groups are highly active year around in events having to do with livestock, but as can be seen from the list of awards presented at […]

Rangely 4-H planning special events

RANGELY I On Oct. 23 at the Western Annex Building in Rangely, a group of 4-H members and parents gathered to establish the ground floor of special events planning for the area. Ten kids and four adults were present to discuss committees, upcoming events and a trip to Arizona Nationals to compete in a judging […]


Each month, the Rangely 4-H kids do community pride projects, and this past weekend saw the kids at the Devries’ Pumpkin Patch, where they picked more than 300 pumpkins and donated them to Rangely Community Gardens. Top row, from left to right, are: Stephen Mercado, Braxton Hall, AJ Garner, Jennilyn Gillard and Teijah Hall. Across […]


Letter to the Editor: Thanks for help with 4-H pig pen blaze

Dear Editor: Two weeks after the Rangely 4-H pen fire, we can’t thank enough the individuals and businesses who have poured their hearts into helping this organization and its kids rebuild!

Repairs nearly completed after 4-H pen electrical fire

RANGELY I In just over a week, workers have nearly completed rebuilding the 4-H pen that burned in an electrical fire May 5, killing several 4-H project pigs and severely damaging the structure.

Donors replace pigs, pens after Rangely fire; more aid needed

RANGELY I After an electrical fire at the Rangely 4-H community pens killed several 4-H project pigs and damaged the structure more than a week ago, residents and sympathizers are responding to the organization’s needs.

Letter to the Editor: Thanks for help with fire, tragedy

Dear Editor: We would like to thank the many people who helped during and after the 4-H community pen fire on Monday afternoon.