World Extreme Rock Crawling Championship

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Demolition derby and demonstration…

A member of the Rangely Rock Climbers demonstrates the agility of his vehicle on piles of big rocks stacked in front of the Meeker Fairgrounds stands on Thursday evening, prior to the demolition derby. Share on Facebook

Rock Crawling Competition free to all participants

RANGELY I Now in its sixth year, the Rangely Rock Crawling Park competition and trail ride stands apart from other events like it. The difference is the amount of cash it costs to participate, which adds up to exactly nothing. Share on Facebook

Rock crawling park has plenty to offer stock 4x4s

Visitors to Rangely’s rock crawling park are used to seeing custom-built four-by-fours navigate steep inclines flanked by unforgiving slick rock and sheer cliffs. Share on Facebook

Rock on…

The fifth annual competition and/or trail ride, sponsored by the Rangely Rock Crawlers, will be held Saturday in the Rangely Rock Park. Sign up Friday in the NAPA parking lot from 5–8 p.m. Ride starts at 9 a.m. Saturday. Share on Facebook