Vesicular stomatitis reported in Rio Blanco County, NW Colorado

RBC I Vesicular Stomatitis (VS) is a contagious disease that afflicts horses, livestock, wildlife and even humans has found its way into northwestern Colorado and Rio Blanco County. The disease is caused by a virus which although rarely life threatening, can have significant financial impact on the horse industry. Share on Facebook

Vole population runs rampant in areas near and around Rangely

RANGELY I A high population of voles, often called field mice, has exploded this year in the Rangely area. Share on Facebook

Tree planting: How best to get healthy trees into the ground

EDITOR’S NOTE: Last week, we discussed selection and pre-plant considerations for trees and shrubs. The following is a detailed recommendation for you to consider as you plant. RBC I Step 1. Determine depth of the planting hole. To deal with the soil texture interface between the root ball soil and the backfill, the root ball […]

County Extension: Type of land, location is key to planting trees… Part One of Two

RBC I With spring approaching, green thumbers and homeowners are thinking about green lawns, budding trees, colorful flowers, bountiful gardens and taking pride in upgrading the landscape or yard. Planting a tree is one way to enhance a landscape and it brings a focal point to any design. Share on Facebook

RBC Extension Office: Time for smart care of the lawn

RBC I Interested in saving money on that water bill? These statements just may create some interest in using a few lawn care suggestions from your local Colorado State University Cooperative Extension Office. Share on Facebook

Suggestions on caring for wet and soggy hay

RBC I Rain this year has been wonderful for the recovery of drought-damaged range land, but not all hay was put up in great shape. Remember, when plants are cut for hay, they do not immediately die. Dry matter loss of 5 percent per inch of rain is possible. As long as moisture is above […]

Fair will offer wide variety of equestrian events; Monday deadline to enter

RBC I Rio Blanco County Fair will play host to many equine events July 25-26 in the main arena at the Rio Blanco County Fairgrounds in Meeker. Cowboys and cowgirls can enter in the team roping, horse show and all-around competition throughout the event. All equine entries are due Monday to the CSU Extension Office […]

Clues to repelling deer from your trees, shrubs

RBC I Driving to work I marvel at the number of deer inside the Meeker town limits, which is largely due to their safety and the readily available food supply. Deer are browsers, meaning they walk by and nibble at a plant. If they like the taste they can nibble a lot. So what can […]

Hints for keeping your Christmas tree fresh

RBC I I’m going to start with one of the best-kept secrets. Share on Facebook