Letter to the Editor: Thanks from RBC Road and Bridge crew

Dear Editor: We would like to thank the Masonic Lodge for doing such a great job of picking up the litter along the roadside on County Road 8 between mile posts 2 and 4.

Major progress seen in water and sewer system in Rangely

| bob lange photo |
Present for an April 22 tour of the White River Intake Pumping House, were, from left: city employee Mark Chillson, Town Trustee Lisa Hatch, Rangely Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Kristin Steele, Town Trustee Andrew Shaffer, Mayor Frank Huitt, Mayor Pro Tem Brad Casto, Town Manager Peter Brixius and Water Utilities Supervisor Alden Vanden Brink.

Rangely’s Water and Sanitation Department prepares drinking water and treats wastewater released back to the White River. It is a complex system that requires a significant investment in time and money.

Road and Bridge handles county rains without problems

RBC I For the most part, the roads, bridges and culverts have met the challenge thrown at them the past two weeks by heavy rains and hail all around Rio Blanco County.

RBC begins weight restrictions on roads

RBC — Spring load restrictions of 14,000 pounds per axle have been implemented on Rio Blanco County roads 5, 7 and 21, Dave Morlan, RBC’s director of road and bridge, told county commissioners at Monday’s regular meeting.