Workshop on Second St.

MEEKER — The Meeker town board of trustees meeting March 17 will include a discussion workshop about the proposed Second Street extension from Sulphur Creek to Market Street.

Board looks at Second St.

MEEKER — Meeker resident Dr. Bob Dorsett presented Meeker’s board of trustees with a list of potential alternatives to the Second Street extension compiled from discussions by the members of the Sulphur Creek neighborhood group.

Meeker Locals: January 15

Ah, the rumor mill, ever in its place in a small town. In the last week we’ve heard, among other things, that a repeat of Black Sunday looms on the horizon, and that the town of Meeker plans to spend $8 million on its expansion of Second Street. Do people make this stuff up just […]

Second St. residents question study

MEEKER — “We all came here to talk about how that area is already overburdened. I’m amazed that this board is considering further development up there,” said David Scherbarth, representing his fellow Second Street residents, during the first Meeker board of trustees meeting for 2009.