Letter: Webber thanks community for help, support of 36th annual Septemberfest celebration

Dear Editor: It turned out to be a beautiful weekend this year for the annual Septemberfest activities and fun was had by all who attended and participated. I can’t begin to thank enough, all of the volunteers and the Western Rio Blanco Metropolitan Recreation & Park District Staff who are now seasoned veterans in conducting […]

Editor’s Column: Just the facts, ma’am, just the facts

Although the phrase is commonly attributed to the Joe Friday character on Dragnet (a popular TV show in the 1950s), it was actually coined as part of a Dragnet parody. Nevertheless, it makes for a good rule of thumb in journalism. On any given day, emails and phone calls (and sometimes live, warm bodies) come […]

Photos: Septemberfest 2016

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Rock N’ Bulls…

Septemberfest Photo Booth

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Septemberfest 2016 provided a full weekend of entertainment

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Country artist Kaleb Austin in free concert

RBC I This year’s free Septemberfest concert on Labor Day Monday will feature country artist Kaleb Austin. Austin’s debut recording was released in April 2014. Since then he has played more than 250 shows around the Western states, touring with bands like Chris Young and Gloriana. He is now preparing for his upcoming album and […]

A brief history of more than three decades of Septemberfest fun

Editor’s Note: This article was originally printed in the 2013 Septemberfest section of the Herald Times. RANGELY I Over the course of its history, Septemberfest has evolved in unforeseen and often colorful ways. And, as long-running events in a community tend to do, the event’s history and past have begun to take on subtle qualities […]

Cribbage tournament Sunday

RANGELY I The annual WRBM Septemberfest cribbage tournament will be held Sunday, Sept. 4 beginning at 2 p.m. at the Rangely Elks Club at 633 Main St. This year’s tournament will be a single-play, double-elimination format. Tournament participation is $10 per person. All are welcome to participate. Share on Facebook

7th annual Rock N’ Bull event Saturday

RBC I Columbine Park will be rockin’ this weekend. Not with loud guitars and bangin’ drums. But with cowboys and some of the meanest, baddest behemoths around. Share on Facebook

TANK organizers look to the future of sonic center

RANGELY I Two months after The TANK International Center for Sonic Arts opened to the public, organizers are reflecting on a summer of transitions and looking ahead to the reverberant sound space’s future. Share on Facebook

Three days of fun, games, food and contests mark Septemberfest events

RANGELY I Fall in Rangely is full of many traditions: hunting season, kids returning to school, changing of the leaves and the crown jewel of Rangely fun, Septemberfest. Share on Facebook