Snowy streets…

Lots of snow fell in Meeker each day last week, culminating with about 10 inches more on Christmas Day. That made for some interesting driving around town, dodging piles of snow up to seven feet high between the lanes on some of the main streets, like this shot of the intersection at 6th and Main […]

Letter to the Editor: Thank you angels!

Dear Editor: A great big thank you to all the angels who helped others deal with all of the broken branches. Share on Facebook

Autumn storm downs trees, power lines

RANGELY I An early fall storm dropped between five and eight inches of snow on Meeker and Rangely Thursday night and early Friday, knocking out many county residents’ power for the better part of two days and severely damaging hundreds of trees. Share on Facebook

“War zone” left behind after early snowstorm

MEEKER I Last week’s early snowstorm swept through the Meeker area and swathed trees still laden with summer leaves under up to 6 inches of heavy, wet snow, breaking numerous limbs and branches and causing multiple power outages. Cleaning up the mess is going to take awhile. Share on Facebook