What is the town of Meeker up to in 2011?

MEEKER I As the year 2011 began, the projects identified for this year began as well. Following are some of the larger projects being undertaken by the town this year:

Baby steps toward Market St. sidewalks

The Town of Meeker is working diligently to add sidewalks to Market Street in Meeker.

MEEKER I It has been said that the wheels of government move more slowly than any other. Nowhere does that seem to be more true than on the Market Street section of Colorado Highway 13.

Town asks residents to clear the streets

MEEKER I With the arrival of snow, the town of Meeker asks residents to remove everything from the street, such as trailers parked along the curb or in cul-de-sacs, vehicles that are not used all of the time and basketball hoops.

Town takes cautious approach to budget

MEEKER I Uncertainty is the name of the game when it comes to planning budgets, not just for individual households, but for the Town of Meeker. The way votes on bills like Amendments 60, 61 and Proposition 101 turn out after the Nov. 2 election may well determine what rural Colorado communities like Meeker are […]

New speed limits on Sulphur Creek, Ute roads

MEEKER I Meeker’s board of trustees have approved amending the traffic code to reduce the speed limit on Sulphur Creek Rd. to 25 mph from Garfield Street, reducing the speed to 15 mph nearing the roundabout, and increasing back to 25 mph after the roundabout. The speed limit on Ute Road (the new road to […]

Letter: There’s a better use for taxpayers’ money

Please tell us the Town of Meeker is not using taxpayers’ money pursuing legal action for a sign on a moving vehicle. The signs on trucks, trailers and other moving stock are a common sight on your streets. The trucks have been parked at many different places as well. While we don’t know the entire […]

Town of Meeker reduces mill levy

MEEKER I In its final regular meeting for 2009, Meeker’s board of trustees officially approved a mill levy reduction for the coming year. Record high property valuations would have generated an additional $66,000 in property tax revenue for the town, with business property owners taking the biggest hit.

Town of Meeker takes next step for roundabout on Sulphur Creek

MEEKER I Homeowners along Sulphur Creek Road once again expressed vehement dislike of proposed changes to the road. The town has been awarded a $595,000 state energy impact grant toward the project, which will include adding sidewalks and building a roundabout at the intersection of Sulphur Creek Road and Ute Road. With the grant approved, […]

Seeking Justice: County makes its pitch for justice center at elementary school site


RBC — With construction under way on the new elementary school, the future of the existing school site continues to generate discussion.

Energy audit ordered for town hall and shop

MEEKER — “We need to find some ways to cut energy costs in this (town hall) building and the town shop,” Meeker Town Administrator Sharon Day told the Board of Trustees.

Governmental units meet to discuss Sulphur Creek Road

MEEKER — The idea that a road might end up in your backyard is disconcerting for every homeowner, and Meeker’s Second Street residents are no exception. After many discussions, with many more to come, homeowner Anita Peters spoke to the heart of the issue with her question for the town board.

Trustees go forward with changes in code

MEEKER — It just goes to show, one person still has the power to affect change in a community. Harry Watt, co-owner of the Blue Spruce Inn, stepped up to the planning commission and spoke up about his desire to see a change made to the town’s sign code. Part of the Blue Spruce Inn’s […]