Ute Park receives helping hands

MEEKER I “The team that’s helping the Rec District design the new park and trail in Sanderson Hills has a member of the team who is also a member of Volunteers of America,” said Town Administrator Sharon Day.

Market St. project update

MEEKER I Animal control officer Laurel Haney spoke to the board about creating a community volunteer program for the town’s animal shelter. “It’s mainly for dog walking, kennel cleaning, possibly transporting a dog if we have to take it a long way. That’s mainly what it would be,” Haney said.

Community candidate reception Feb. 3

MEEKER I The Town of Meeker received 31 applications for the position of town administrator that will become available in the spring when longtime administrator Sharon Day retires.

Signs, signs everywhere signs

MEEKER I Meeker’s board of trustees revisited a question about the town’s sign ordinance asked by trustee Rod Gerloff at the last board meeting. Gerloff had asked about the proliferation of vinyl advertising banners around town and where those banners fit into the town’s sign ordinance.

Lottery proceeds generate $59,851 for RBC

RBC I Rio Blanco County entities received $59,851 in Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) Conservation Trust Fund (CTF) payments in 2001.

Town approves 2012 budget

MEEKER I In the final regular board meeting of 2012, the town of Meeker’s board of trustees worked their way through a lengthy agenda, including adopting the 2012 budget, approving several requests for liquor license renewals, a home-business permit and began setting the wheels in motion for the next municipal election.

Agreement to benefit all

MEEKER I It’s a prime example of how communication and cooperation between two community organizations can be beneficial to the organizations and the public they serve. The Town of Meeker and the Eastern Rio Blanco Metropolitan Recreation and Park District recently signed an agreement that turns responsibility for the majority of Meeker’s parks over to […]

Market Street about to be surveyed

MEEKER I Surveying is about to begin on the Market Street sidewalk project. The design for the sidewalk plan will run from Watts Ranch Market to the mobile home park just past Twelfth Street on the north side and from Backcountry Realty’s office to the BLM/Forest Service building on the south side.

Belts, budgets continue to tighten

As the Town of Meeker’s board of trustees and staff begin preparations for the 2012 capital budget, there’s an underlying sense of caution and concern.

Market St. project approved

MEEKER I At the town’s Sept. 6 board meeting, members approved a plan to allow WREA to relocate the overhead power lines in Ute Park.

Steps toward school’s future

Meeker mayor Mandi Etheridge signed the paperwork to cancel the school district’s lease on the former Main Street elementary school. Some discussion is still underway between the school district and the town about property improvements which still need to be addressed.  

What is the town of Meeker up to in 2011?

MEEKER I As the year 2011 began, the projects identified for this year began as well. Following are some of the larger projects being undertaken by the town this year: