Indian paintbrush…

A drive to Trapper’s Lake, about 52 miles east of Meeker, on Sunday turned up an abundance of green trees, bushes and grasses as well as a wide variety of wildflowers of red, yellow and white. A fairly rare find in the mountains and plains of Colorado is the Indian paint brush, above, which happens to be the state flower of Wyoming, where the plant is no longer as plentiful as it once was.

Trappers Lake…

Sunday was a beautiful day for fishing or rafting or just plain being outside on Trappers Lake as a single rafter, who can be seen in the water in the lower center of the photo, found out. It was a tough hike though as he had to carry his raft up from the water in Trappers Lake. It was also a great day for sightseeing as will the next couple of weekends be at least.

Prescribed burns planned at Ute Creek and Trappers Lake

RBC I The Blanco Ranger District of the White River National Forest plans to conduct slash pile burning in the Ute Creek and Trappers Lake area in the coming days.


phMKWestEndOfTrapper's Lake

Burned out snags, killed in the Big Fish fire in 2002, stand as silent sentinels over the west end of Trappers Lake, located about 50 miles east of Meeker. The area is popular with those who like to stay at Trappers Lake Lodge and its cabins as well as the many campgrounds that dot the […]

Indian paintbrush…

While the columbine is the Colorado State Flower and can be abundant around Colorado, the Indian paintbrush with its reddish-coral leaves is the state flower of Wyoming. Not nearly as common as the columbine, this Indian paintbrush appeared to be the only one in the area and was just off the pathway on the way to Trappers Lake overlook just above Scott Lake.

Rio Blanco County man dies in hiking accident in Trappers Lake area

MEEKER I A 20-year-old Rio Blanco County man died of injuries sustained Sunday while hiking with friends on Himes Peak, 46 miles northeast of Meeker near Trappers Lake, just over the Rio Blanco County line in Garfield County.

Snow in the high country…

Demonstrating the job that lay ahead, this Rio Blanco County snow plow shows what lies in front of it while trying to clear County Road 8 up over Ripple Creek Pass all the way over into Routt County on Wednesday. As of noon on May 20, the Rio Blanco County road crew had less than four miles to go to clear a narrow route the entire length of the closure. The crew was also battling a major blizzard on top of the pass, but were able to finish the initial path and open the road. The road will require a four-wheel-drive vehicle and a lot of caution as there is a lot of snow, melt-off and mud, making the travel treacherous for possibly a couple weeks, the county Road and Bridge Department advised on Friday.

Another look at Trappers Lake and the Wilderness Act

RBC I Only God can make a tree, but only Congress can designate a wilderness, and the Wilderness Act, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, became the law it is today largely because a powerful Colorado congressman, Wayne Aspinall, blocked the legislation in his committee over and over again.

Historic school tour…


Participants of the Historic Schools Upper White River tour group take a break at Trappers Lake after visiting the original Buford School last week.

After Carhart, Trappers, changes lead to Wilderness Act of ’64

The names of Alan Carhart, above, and Trappers Lake will be forever linked to the Wilderness Act of 1964.

RBC I Although Arthur H. Carhart helped introduce the modern wilderness idea during his survey of Trappers Lake in 1919 (a subject I discussed in my previous article), the wilderness concept itself continued to evolve. Two factors affected its development.

— 50 Years of The Wilderness Act — Trappers Lake the ‘cradle of the wilderness’

j.t. stangl photo
Trappers Lake in 2012 — A key player in the Wilderness Act of 1964.

RBC I Trappers Lake, Colo., is significant because it was one of the birthplaces of the wilderness idea. Some even call it the “cradle of the wilderness” for this reason.

Fishing good at Trappers Lake

RBC — The fishing might be good, it might not be. Either way, an outing to the high country is its own reward, and with the heat of summer descending on the lowlands, the time or visiting some Alpine gem is at hand. With summer prevailing in the city, the high country is calling out […]