County jobless rate falls 1 percent

RBC I As the summer progresses, the unemployment rate in Rio Blanco County continues to lower with the outlook improving. In May, Rio Blanco had the second-highest unemployment rate in Colorado’s 64 counties while in June that figure improved to the No. 61 county in the state and in July it rose to the No. […]

County’s unemployment rate climbs to fourth

RBC I The unemployment picture improved from April to May in Rio Blanco County, rising from the No. 2 highest county jobless rate in the state to being tied for the No. 4 highest, seeing an increase of 93 employees who are working and a decrease of 10 persons who are unemployed.

Rio Blanco jobless rate continues to increase

RBC I December and January saw solid drops in the Rio Blanco County jobless rate, but a sharp increase in the unemployment between January and February, which saw a .07 percent increase in the county, continued to rise another half percent in March.

County jobless rate rises sharply

RBC I After a good drop in the Rio Blanco unemployment rate between December and January, February’s numbers represent a large hike in the county’s jobless numbers from 4.7 percent in January to 5.4 percent in February.

January jobless rate drops 0.4 percent in RBC

RBC I After three months of watching Rio Blanco County’s unemployment rate rise, January’s numbers showed a significant .40 percent drop.

Rio Blanco’s jobless rate up to 5.1%

RBC I After more than a year of falling unemployment rates, Rio Blanco County’s jobless rate jumped for the third straight month, rising to 5.1 percent in December.

County jobless rate up slightly

RBC I For the second month in a row, the unemployment rate in Rio Blanco County has gone up, and the increase from 4.5 percent of the available workforce to 4.9 percent of that workforce is the largest increase in the county’s jobless rate in two years.

Rio Blanco County jobless rate up slightly

RBC I The same number of Rio Blanco County residents were receiving unemployment in October as there were in September of this year, but because the available workforce was down slightly, the Rio Blanco County jobless rate rose from 4.5 percent in September to 4.6 percent in October.

County unemployment rate drops by 0.6 percent

RBC I The Rio Blanco County unemployment rate is not as low as it was a year ago, but the figures for September indicate that the jobless rate fell more than a half point, from 5.1 percent in August to 4.5 percent in September.

County unemployment rate drops

RBC I After a rise in the Rio Blanco County unemployment rate between May and June, the jobless rate fell a full percentage point in July and is also below the rate for July 2014.

After state’s first-of-year changes, unemployment rate declines again

RBC I After the Colorado’s Department of Labor and Employment (DOL) adjusted Rio Blanco County’s jobless rate between December 2014 and January 2015 from 4.9 percent to above 6.1 percent through a method of refiguring, the DOL stated, dating back to 1979, the county unemployment rate is again falling.

County jobless rate stays steady

RBC I The Rio Blanco County unemployment rate remained at a steady 3.2 percent in December, unchanged since the November rate and 1.1 percent lower than in December 2013.