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Up and Down El Rio Blanco

July 28, 2011 Bobby Gutierrez 0

In my humble opinion, women are God’s greatest creation. I believe this to be true for many reasons, with the ability to create life being at the top of the list.I’m blessed to be surrounded […]


Up and Down El Rio Blanco: Cowboy up!

July 22, 2011 Bobby Gutierrez 0

“Hey Bobby, I have a complaint,” my friend said as I walked into his business the other day.“And what’s that?” I asked. I appreciate constructive criticism, especially from those I consider mentors, like my complaining […]


Up and down el Rio Blanco: Patriotism

July 9, 2011 Bobby Gutierrez 0

Patriotism is defined as “a love of one’s country and a willingness to sacrifice for it.” Patriotism was demonstrated last weekend in Meeker during the 126th annual Range Call Celebration. Four event-filled days, including music, […]

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