Up and down el Rio Blanco: Compassion

A rollover accident claimed the lives of three men last week. Of course there are lessons to be learned and the first one I personally will work on is compassion. One never knows when a tragic accident will take the life of a loved one. Writing from experience, I’m thankful for the outpouring of compassion […]

Up and Down El Rio Blanco: Vote

Ballots have been mailed to registered voters in Rio Blanco County and I encourage everyone to please vote.

Up and down el Rio Blanco: No new taxes

Meeker High School teacher and former Colorado state representative Kathleen Kelley quoted president Thomas Jefferson before moderating the Meeker Board of Education candidate forum Monday last.

Up and Down El Rio Blanco: Working together

It has been said “the more hands, the easier the work,” and more can be accomplished when people or groups work together. Teamwork has been in evidence a lot lately and not just by our local sports teams. Many volunteers, groups and organizations have worked together and accomplished much.

Up and Down El Rio Blanco: Holy Moses

We received a letter to the editor via our website last week from a person who wrote “I do not own a phone,” in one of the required fields to get a letter published. Since we did not publish the letter yet, I will only use the writer’s first name, Moses.

Letter from the Editor: Thank you, Thank you,

No room for a column this week but always room to squeeze in a thank you.

Up and Down El Rio Blanco: Transparency

I’ve noticed a few more gray whiskers in my goatee recently. It doesn’t bother me to have them, there are just more of them these days. Maybe it’s because of my age (some of my same-age friends have quite a bit of gray hair) or maybe stress is squeezing the pigment right out of my […]

Up and down el Rio Blanco: Peace

Our community got a double dose of sad news Saturday last with the passing of Kris Borchard and Jeb Berthelson. It is my hope we can all find the peace I believe Kris and Jeb now have.

Up and Down El Rio Blanco

In my humble opinion, women are God’s greatest creation. I believe this to be true for many reasons, with the ability to create life being at the top of the list.I’m blessed to be surrounded by God’s greatest creation: my mom, my sisters, my wife, my daughters, granddaughter, nieces and those I work with.

Up and Down El Rio Blanco: Cowboy up!

“Hey Bobby, I have a complaint,” my friend said as I walked into his business the other day.“And what’s that?” I asked. I appreciate constructive criticism, especially from those I consider mentors, like my complaining friend.

Up and down el Rio Blanco: Patriotism

Patriotism is defined as “a love of one’s country and a willingness to sacrifice for it.” Patriotism was demonstrated last weekend in Meeker during the 126th annual Range Call Celebration. Four event-filled days, including music, a pageant, a bank robbery reenactment, games, races, a barbecue, pancakes, camel rides, a parade and the longest running rodeo […]

Up and down el Rio Blanco: Thanks to our veterans

Last week I wrote about my love of birthdays, my own and everyone else’s and my love of celebrating the anniversary of the birth of our country, July 4.