Rangely rainbow…


After a good soaking much of the day on the last Sunday of the summer, the clouds parted enough late in the day to allow this rainbow to form over Rangely. It rained again that evening and on Monday to make for some good precipitation as autumn officially began.

From high to low, county temps vary 129 degrees

RBC I It’s hot! It’s freezing! It’s humid! It was quite a diverse year in Rio Blanco County. The temperature from the year’s coldest to the year’s warmest, as recorded from Jan. 1 to the end of October, spanned 129 degrees.

Lightning tree…


While the Meeker area was drenched with rain on Friday night, lightning surrounded the area as well.

Dragon Road…


Some welcome cloud cover followed Friday night’s rain along these back roads near Dragon Road outside Rangely. With only a few sprinkles accompanied by high temperatures and high humidity, most outdoor enthusiasts seem be sticking to early-morning exercise, including the rider who put these bike tracks in the recently rained-upon

Afternoon excitement…

Courtesy Photo

Rhawnie McGruder, a customer service representative with Natural Soda Inc., said she never brings her camera to work but she happened to have it with her on May 29 when she spotted this afternoon funnel cloud, located north-northwest of the Natural Soda office on County Road 31 in

Wayward winds…

phRGRoof damage2

When Pastor Jasper Whiston of Bible Baptist Church in Rangely left the parsonage the afternoon of Mar. 17, he didn’t expect to return and see a 3×16-foot chunk of the church’s metal roof lying in the parking lot.

Microburst boasts 70-85 mph winds

phrgmicroburts map

RANGELY | Strong, damaging winds from a thunderstorm struck the town of Rangely in northwest Colorado on the evening of June 28. A National Weather Service (NWS) storm survey of the Rangely area determined that a (dry) microburst had occurred.

Dry February

RBC — Precipitation at the plant center in February measured only 0.30 inches and includes 3.5 inches of snow.

White River Watershed snow still above normal

RBC — The second snow survey of winter on the Upper White River Watershed was completed on Feb. 26. The White River snow pack water equivalent (snow moisture) is presently 7 percent above last year at this time.

2009 begins with wet month

RBC — Precipitation in January at the plant center measured 1.45 inches and includes 14.5 inches of snow.

White River survey shows increased moisture over ’08

RBC — The first snow survey of winter on the Upper White River Watershed was completed on Jan. 29.

’08 precipitation falls slightly below average

RBC — Precipitation at the plant center recently measured 1.56 inches and included 14.0 inches of snow.