First day of autumn…

The fall equinox takes place at 8:21 a.m. today, marking the first official day of autumn. From here, daylight hours get shorter until winter solstice in December. While temperatures have remained mild, the leaves are starting to turn in the White River Valley, which means the next few weekends will be prime viewing for fall […]

So what if it’s the White River; is there anyone who really cares?

RBC I Whose water flows in the White River, and who cares? The answer to the first question is complicated. The answer to the second question is everyone in the Southwest United States. The Colorado River is used by millions, within and outside its natural basin, for agriculture, household use, industry and recreation. Along its […]

High water…

Update on new Rio Blanco County dam

RBC I The Rio Blanco Water Conservancy District held a public meeting Dec. 2 to discuss the feasibility study for a new water storage facility within Rio Blanco County along the White River.

Spring thaw…

Meeting slated on White River fish

RBC I The public is invited to attend three area meetings in mid-October to discuss development of an endangered fish management plan for the White River.

It’s a keeper…

On Sunday, April 7, Gavyn Garr caught a 23-inch rainbow trout while fishing the White River in Meeker. Garr was fishing with his brother, Brayden, and his grandfather, Tony Smith.

Arlene Fritzlan cut from tough stock

MEEKER I “I learned something I never forgot on that trip. If you hire on a job, finish it,” said Meeker native Arlene Fritzlan about a two-week pack trip all over the upper White River area when she was very young and working for her Uncle Joe.

On thin ice…

Thin ice and thick ice on Kenney Reservoir, east of Rangely, offer a stark color contrast with the flow nearest the dam taking on an emerald green hue while the remaining thick ice at the upper end of the lake remains solid white.

Water storage…

In a recent meeting called by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife to discuss releasing water from Lake Avery into the White River, local rancher and water expert David Smith Sr. commented on the mesa

Meeting for Avery water

MEEKER I Because of low water flows and high water temperatures in the White River, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) held a public roundtable discussion regarding the release of water from Lake Avery into the White River.

White River fish stressed by low flows

MEEKER I Due to low flows in the White River, Colorado Parks and Wildlife managers are requesting that anglers fish only during the cooler, early morning hours, or to look for alternative fishing locations that are not as significantly affected by the current climate conditions.