Out for a stroll…


What may well be a grand buck later in the year was seen walking down Garfield Street in Meeker Friday behind the Meeker School District administration building, showing off his velvet antlers.

CPW: Stay away from young wildlife, birds

RBC I This is the time of year when wild animals give birth to their young, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife asks that residents and visitors not approach, touch or handle young animals. “We know that people are trying to be helpful, but the young animals are best cared for by their own parents,” said […]


These four elk, just west of Lake Avery on Sunday, were relaxed and enjoying the beautiful green grasses available to them in the meadows and fields for several miles up County Road 8. Other groups of elk and deer were scattered through the entire White River Valley from above Buford and almost all the way into Meeker.

Neighborly deer…

A lone deer tries to draw the attention of Russell and Neal George outside the college president’s residence on the Colorado Northwestern Community College campus in Rangely. The deer, which gets some of its meals from a nearby bird feeder, searched for movement behind the sliding glass door for several minutes, attempting to make good on the president’s “open door policy,” to no avail.

Deer on campus…


A deer on the Colorado Northwestern Community College’s campus in Rangely pauses in front of the large blue-and-orange tent near the school’s ice tower. The tent serves as a staging area for climbers and houses snow-making equipment.

Deer in town …


These three big boys didn’t seem to care much if they were spotted or not — since it is long after hunting season and they were in downtown Meeker on Thursday afternoon.

Winter wildlife…


Enjoying the sunshine just after Saturday morning’s fog lifted was this group of does along with about seven other does and one lone buck. The deer were gathered in a field about 50 yards off Highway 13 south of Meeker and seemed calm enough to know that hunting season was over and that they should […]

Think of wildlife when decorating outdoors

RBC I As the holiday season nears and decorations begin to adorn houses, yards and trees, Colorado Parks and Wildlife reminds the public to decorate with wildlife safety in mind.

Watch out for game on county roads

RBC I Wildlife may not have to wrestle with changing the time on their microwave oven, but the weather and human clock changes can pose some challenges for animals moving to lower elevations in advance of the coming winter.

Dual elk…


These two bull elk were spotted along a ridge about 20 miles west of Rangely,

Pheasant along the road…


This male ring-necked pheasant appeared a little out of place at mile marker 38 high up on County Road 8 on Saturday. A pair of unconcerned males was walking quite unconcerned up one side of the road about a mile past Missouri Creek. Usually, pheasants are not considered high-altitude birds.

Large deer…

Perhaps eating leaves helps deer build strong bodies, but between these three bucks there are at least 22 antler points, not counting brow tines. The three big bucks were spotted this past weekend eating the leaves of a tree that had been downed by lightning or high winds in Meeker.