Elk herd…


Usually when the weather warms up and the snow clears at lower altitudes, the elk head toward higher terrain.

Hey, foxy lady…


Mama fox ran off, but two of her four kit foxes remained at play outside their den Friday amid meadow land along County Road 8, not far from Lake Avery.

Tips to avoiding conflicts with bears

Special to the Herald Times RBC I Black bears have emerged from their dens and it’s time for Colorado residents to take precautions to help keep bears wild. Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials are cautioning residents that bear activity in towns and residential areas may be high again this year.

Deer on campus …

Two does, one to the right and one to the left of the sign marking the designated parking spot for Colorado Northwestern Community College President Russell George, keep a sharp eye out to make sure no one other than George uses his parking spot.

A sure sign of spring …

MKDeerinyardS 2

These two does and a nice, young two-point buck, back left, were undisturbed by traffic or barking dogs as they enjoyed the newly green grass in this yard at the intersection of Ninth and Garfield streets in Meeker. Despite warmer temperatures during the day, numerous deer can still be spotted

Wildlife face mixed winter in area

This deer carcass was visible on the shoulder of Highway 64 roughly half way between Meeker and Rangely this past weekend. Bill deVergie, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife manager in Meeker, said the number of vehicle run-ins with area elk and deer is on the rise, and he urged drivers to be extra careful from sunset to sunrise as the animals are increasingly looking for the greener grasses that grow along roadsides.

RBC I Winter survival for area wildlife has been a mixed bag, with elk faring better than deer, a local official with Colorado Parks and Wildlife said Monday.

Antler collectors cautioned to protect wildlife

RBC I Because early spring is an especially stressful time for wildlife, Colorado Parks and Wildlife managers are reminding shed antler collectors that pressuring elk and mule deer during this time of the year can create very stressful conditions for big game herds.

BLM issues final decision for Little Snake plan

RBC | A BLM decision about about the future of energy development along the Little Snake River in northwest Colorado has raised concerns and questions about environmental and wildlife protection in the area.

Drivers: watch for wildlife

RBC I The Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife (CPW) and the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) are reminding drivers throughout the state to be extra cautious right now and especially watchful of moose, elk, deer, pronghorn and even bears wandering on roads and highways.

Sept. 1 marked reinstatement of wildlife zones

RBC I Roadside reminders are back in the form of lowered nighttime speed limits and/or doubled fines for nighttime speeding within designated wildlife zones.

Watch for elk on Highway 13

RBC I Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers are warning motorists on State Highway 13 south of Meeker to be especially watchful for large numbers of elk congregating on a five- or six-mile stretch of road around mile marker 26.

Downriver bear

phmkbear down river

Joan Klose had a visitor earlier this week two miles west of Meeker where she’s staying. “He was about 20 feet behind the RV,” Klose said.