Weather raises concerns for wildlife survival in state

RBC I Colorado Parks and Wildlife managers in the state’s Northwest Region say the most recent blast of snow and frigid temperatures has created conditions similar to some of the most extreme winters in the state during the past 35 years.

Fast food…


With snow covering some of the deer forage in the wild, this small group of deer thoroughly enjoys the low-hanging access to bird food at this bird feeder, just outside a door on the Colorado Northwestern Community College campus in Rangely.

Snow deer…


With snow every day or every other day, the mulies are liking the food available in downtown Meeker. This 4×4 buck was one of many Saturday that could be seen walking the streets and alleys in Meeker, trying to get close to some vegetation to eat. It is a now a daily occurrence to see […]

Buck out and about …


This big buck used the terrain and some thin fence posts to blend his antlers into the background while wandering just outside of Meeker along Highway 13 on Dec. 18. With the hunting threat over, the bucks seem to know they are safe wandering around.

Dogs and wildlife not a good mix

RBC I We live in a visual candyland here in Colorado, and dog owners love nothing more than getting out into the natural beauty with their dogs. What’s wrong with that? On the surface, it’s a great thing to get exercise for dog and owner. Unfortunately, there is often one thing missing on the trails—the […]


phrgGroupOfSandhill Cranes

No, it isn’t a flock of naked turkeys or even turkeys at all. A huge gathering of sandhill cranes gathered in this old hay field, just outside of Jensen, Utah, in mid-December. Jensen is located just on the other side of the Utah border from Rio Blanco County on the way to Vernal.

Bucks are back…


The bucks seem to know when the season on antlers is over. Above, these three nice bucks know its safe for them to wander the streets of Rangely such as these on Stanolind Ave., while the buck below was seen just outside of Meeker on Saturday along Highway 13.

Turkeys around town…


Turkeys were readily visible on Saturday in many fields along County Road 8, living dangerously with Thanksgiving being today. Top photo: These turkeys were two of about 10 that were walking around the beginning of a driveway, about 10 feet off of County Road 8, about 10 miles east of Meeker. Turkeys could be spotted […]

Winter driving means time to watch out for wildlife on the roads

RBC I With the end of daylight saving time, Colorado Parks and Wildlife reminds Colorado motorists of the higher risk of being involved in a wildlife-related accident. According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, November sees more car accidents involving wildlife than any other month.

Big buck…


Usually the big bucks know when rifle seasons start, but this high-scoring mule deer buck must have forgot to check the calendar as he was out Saturday afternoon walking up Miller Creek Road about a mile from the bridge that crosses the White River, oblivious to the fact it was hunting season. He stood and […]

Bucks rule…

This big buck controls the campus this year, and that is understandable. But his little sidekick on Oct. 8 is the interesting one. He has been coming to the campus for about five years. He has a rack on one side and, if you look closely, you will see a spike on the left side.

Big buck…

A quick stop by the Colorado Northwestern Community College campus in Rangely on Saturday caught this large buck in velvet grabbing a quick bite of lunch. He didn’t seem to be too upset about having his picture taken.