The “one way” sign is at least eight feet tall, the pine tree next to it is about 13 feet high and the trees behind the snow bank are at least 20 feet tall, yet they are buried in a snow bank in the alley that runs between Fifth and Sixth streets and Main and Market streets as the snow fell quite heavily on Tuesday morning. Between Sunday afternoon and Tuesday morning, more than a foot had fallen, and there is a shortage of places to move and dump the excess snow.

Snowy streets…

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Lots of snow fell in Meeker each day last week, culminating with about 10 inches more on Christmas Day. That made for some interesting driving around town, dodging piles of snow up to seven feet high between the lanes on some of the main streets, like this shot of the intersection at 6th and Main […]

Pull out the snow shovels…


The streets are slushy and the Market Street sidewalks are unshoveled as seen during the snowstorm last week in Meeker. Meeker Town Hall is reminding all Meeker residents it is their duty to keep residential and business sidewalks clear of snow or to possibly face a fine up to $1,000—even the businesses along Market Street […]

Help is now available for home weatherization

RBC I Fall is definitely in the air and thoughts are turning to getting ready for winter. Now is the perfect time to make your home as energy efficient as it can be—to keep your family warm and to save money on your heating bills. Eligibility for the program is based on income levels. Counties […]

Before winter arrives, it is best to prepare for the worst

RBC I Winter Weather Preparedness Week runs through Saturday as proclaimed by Gov. John Hickenlooper. Before winter weather arrives in earnest, it is highly recommended that drivers prepare vehicles for winter travel.

Wind chill often overlooked as a silent and quick killer

RBC I The combination of wind and low temperature in winter can be deadly. The Wind Chill Index helps you determine when dangerous conditions develop that could lead to frostbite or hypothermia. It takes into account heat loss from the human body to its surroundings during cold and windy weather. The calculation utilizes wind speed […]

Hill fog…

Strong wind blows the air up a slope near Chase Draw west of Rangely, cooling the air and condensing the moisture. The effect is of steam rising from the hillsides, although the actual result is called a “hill fog.” It is not a common occurrence, but the weather in the past week has created this phenomenon.

Frosty weather…

A hard frost Friday night left its trademark crystals on trees, grasses and even spiderwebs Saturday morning. In the first few days of the new year, temperatures will climb into the high 20s but are not projected to get much, if any, above freezing.

Speed, ice cause several Rangely-area accidents

RANGELY I Three weather-related accidents in fewer than 24 hours caused damage to vehicles and injury to some occupants during the first substantial snowfall of the season Dec. 25 and 26.

Snowy decorations…

Snow has fallen every day for roughly the past nine days, giving this tree a frosty holiday look.

First snow…


Meeker residents woke up to about 1.5 inches of snow on the ground Monday, the first measurable snowfall of the season. Although this snow arrived later than usual, forecasts call for a cold and snowy winter ahead.

Deer on campus…


A deer on the Colorado Northwestern Community College’s campus in Rangely pauses in front of the large blue-and-orange tent near the school’s ice tower. The tent serves as a staging area for climbers and houses snow-making equipment.