Open waters…


Unlike Rangely’s Kenney Reservoir, Rio Blanco Lake, which is 18 miles west of Meeker, may or may not have ice in the middle that would allow ice fishing. It would be tough to go ice fishing on Rio Blanco because the first 12 to 15 feet from the shore are wide open water with no […]

Winter driving means time to watch out for wildlife on the roads

RBC I With the end of daylight saving time, Colorado Parks and Wildlife reminds Colorado motorists of the higher risk of being involved in a wildlife-related accident. According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, November sees more car accidents involving wildlife than any other month.

Thin ice…

Weather on Sunday continued to be sunny and warm, causing the ice to thin even more on Rio Blanco Lake, located 18 miles west of Meeker along Highway 64 on the way to Rangely. Despite a small group of folks who were enjoying their day fishing (very top center left), the ice on most of the lake was much too thin and unsafe to drive a snow machine on.

Snowshoe, cross-country fun Saturday

MEEKER | Have you been to the Philip and Dorcas Jensen Memorial Park in the snow? If not, Saturday, beginning at 10 a.m., is your chance to enjoy snowshoeing or cross-country skiing on this beginner and intermediate trail.

Winter magic…

Hoarfrost is formed when the air or fog is so cold that the water/humidity in the air comes in contact with a solid item like trees, leaves, branches and tall grasses, and it freezes. The bright white is caused by the sun shining through the bright snow or frost crystals.

District big game herds do extremely well over the winter

RBC I “This was a great winter for the wildlife in the district — perhaps the best I can remember,” said Bill deVergie, the district wildlife manager for the Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife in Meeker.

Snow above Sleepy Cat…

Warm temperatures over the past week had the snow pretty well melted out of the valley floor along County Road 8 on Sunday, but it didn’t take much of a drive to find some heavy snow areas off the main road. Plenty of snow was in evidence along the north slopes above the Sleepy Cat […]

Ice skating…

phmkice skating pond

The ice skating pond at Circle Park in Meeker was recently flooded to provide a smooth top layer of ice for skaters’ enjoyment.

Meeker adopts snow law

MEEKER | In accordance with state law and the Meeker municipal code, it is unlawful for any person to place snow or ice upon public property, including public streets.

Keep your home warm this winter with LEAP help

RBC I Winter has arrived in Colorado bringing cold weather and leaving many Coloradans struggling with the costs of heating their homes. Colorado’s Low-income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) offers help to eligible Coloradans by providing financial assistance with home heating bills. LEAP will continue to accept applications through April 30, 2013.

Ice dome…


Despite subzero temperatures in Rangely for several weeks, Jeremy Fielder told his children he’d help them build the same kind of ice hut he’d built as a kid.

Old Man Winter…

phmksnow vertical

Meeker finally received some much-needed snow Sunday evening and into Monday but the sky was blue and the sun was shining Tuesday. About four inches fell in Meeker and 18 inches were reported to have fallen in nearby Steamboat Springs.