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I want to thank Hallie (Blunt) for the great article she wrote about my brother, Pat Johnson. He is not only known as a great neighbor but he is a wonderful brother, too. I know, because he has been my big brother for 84 years. Pat and I were the youngest of the five boys and five girls in our family of 10. We are the only two left of the original 10.
We had so many great memories growing up on Piceance Creek and I can say that there were never 10 kids as close as “us kids.” That came from wonderful parents. Our little mother was the most wonderful lady that ever lived and she lived to be 92. No one was harder working than our dad. I could go on and on about our family, and about Pat but I’ll just leave it that Pat and I had a wonderful family and that I love my brother very much.
Beverly Johnson Shaw