Up and Down El Rio Blanco: Thank you, veterans

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First and foremost, thank you to all Rio Blanco County veterans and troops around the world for protecting us while we celebrated our nation’s independence last week. It is because of your service and sacrifice America has celebrated its independence on July 4, for 237 years and in Rio Blanco County for the past 127 years. Thank you all again!
The Range Call committee also deserves a big thank you from everyone who enjoyed the six-day schedule of events.
“With the fourth landing right in the middle of the week, it was almost like we hosted two separate events,” Range Call committee director Suzan Pelloni said. “I feel that the 127th annual event went quite well.”
In my humble opinion, moving the concert to Ute Park was a great idea and hopefully the park we be used for more events in the future.
“People really enjoyed the open air feel and stunning view of the valley,” Pelloni said of the new site. “The spacious parking and tipsy taxi reduced a lot of stress and chaos for our concert goers.”
Also new to the Range Call schedule of events was the FMX motocross show, which drew a large crowd, estimated at 2,000 people.
“It was very exciting to see Meeker’s grandstands full again,” Pelloni said. “Seeing the crowd out of their seats, cheering for more heart-stopping action was a great way to kick off the 127th annual celebration,” Pelloni said.
It is no secret the all-volunteer Range Call committee is struggling financially, but they are still “in the black” and according to Pelloni, changes are needed.
“It is difficult for people to understand the outrageous cost and manpower that is required to make the annual event a reality and I feel there needs to be some significant changes in order for Range Call to successfully continue,” Pelloni said.
The Range Call committee will host a public debriefing and 2013 planning meeting July 25, at 7 p.m., at the fairgrounds and Pelloni strongly encourages the public, as well as all clubs, groups and organizations that helped make 2012 happen, to attend.
See you there, let’s all pitch in and make the 2013 Range Call Celebration even better!