Upward Living a life-changing experience

Wow, who would of ever thought six months ago we (Faye Peterson, Kalene Weinholdt, Annie Gantt, Rhonda Cochran, Laurel Mullins and Jerrie Calkins) would be training for the 5K walk on the Fourth of July? Without the support, encouragement and life/wellness coaching sessions provided by Faye Peterson at Upward Living, I don’t think any of us would be applying.
Thanks to the combination of Coach Faye, nutritional information provided by Dr. Amy Que and workout programs from Tammy Edinger (ERBM), our group learned to eat healthier and actually enjoy exercising. And I know we also have learned to reach for the stars within ourselves. So, thank you, Faye, for your insight on each and every one of us, to visualize and achieve our potential, no matter what age, shape or form.
Jerrie Calkins