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“In a digital world, print stands out.”

Why should you include print advertising in your marketing plan? Take a look at these survey results from a white paper published by HubCast:

1. Print is easier to read and navigate.

81% of people prefer reading print on paper over a digital screen.

2. Print leads to better information retention.

88% of people say they retain and use information more effectively when it’s printed.

3. Digital reading fosters skimming.

90% of people multitask when using a digital screen, decreasing comprehension and message impact.

4. Print is tactile.

67% of people like the feel of print media over other mediums.

5.  Print is more credible.

80% of people say they trust a print ad, compared to 39% for a digital ad or social media post.

6. Digital reading can be harmful.

Eye strain, back issues and having a hard time sleeping have all been linked to excessive screen use.

7. Millennials prefer print.

U.S. citizens born between 1982 and 2004 have some of the highest print readership rates across the board.

8. Print is sustainable.

Newspaper comes from managed forests or farms, who replant four trees for every tree they use.

9. Print stands out in a digital world.

Your print advertisement can live longer than you!

10. Print can be taken anywhere, cord and hassle–free.

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