Ain’t it a drag …

Siblings keep racing all in the family

Mike and Shawn Yarbrough of Rifle must have a “velocity” gene in their DNA, because their children have certainly inherited it.
Fifteen-year-old Dannielle and 13-year-old Caleb have been competing in the family’s junior dragsters since they were 8.
The family had its dragsters on display during Septemberfest at a car show sponsored by the Rangely Racers
Although the kids’ scaled-down racers have strict limits on engine size and horsepower, they still pack a wallop on your ears and on the track. There are multiple age divisions, each with restrictions on top speed. Danni is in the highest class and regularly makes runs at close to 100 mph on tracks in Grand Junction and Denver, while Caleb is limited to less than 70 mph.
Danni is ranked third in her class, and Caleb is ranked sixth in his, and this is against statewide competition.
Meanwhile, dad Mike also races in a 1961 Camaro dragster, while mom Shawn says she “just takes care of them all.”
The family has invested about $9,000 in Danni’s car, which is a 1998 model with an aluminum body and about $5,000 on Caleb’s, which is a 2005 model with a carbon-fiber body.
Also at the car show were siblings Cassidy and Dillon Pullan from Vernal. They also run in the highest class in Utah.Siblings keep racing all in the family