Loose Ends: Far and away

September 18, 2020 Dolly Viscardi 0

RBC I Living in the northwest corner of Colorado for only part of a lifetime gives one a different perspective about distance. Those old sayings people use to describe the proximity of a place often didn’t work. […]


Loose Ends: Finding Fault

September 11, 2020 Dolly Viscardi 0

By DOLLY VISCARDI | Special to the Herald Times MEEKER | “What are you going to do with it?” A gruff, accusatory voice broke into my peaceful morning walk. I looked over to see who […]


Loose Ends: Rascals in. Rascals out.

August 28, 2020 Dolly Viscardi 0

MEEKER | Rascals in. Rascals out. More than 125 years ago, those two phrases were this paper’s editor’s words of choice to describe the political machinations that move below most of our country’s surface. That […]


Loose Ends: Back to School

July 31, 2020 Dolly Viscardi 0

MEEKER | Heading back to school this fall remains a big question all over Colorado. Some schools across the state have set dates and times for the first day and are offering parents a choice […]


Loose Ends: They shoot rattlesnakes

July 24, 2020 Dolly Viscardi 0

RBC | “Are you still shooting rattlesnakes?” a high school classmate asked me after reconnecting on social media. Having moved to the western slope of Colorado so many years earlier, I’d forgotten my long letters […]


Loose Ends: Go forth, graduates!

June 12, 2020 Dolly Viscardi 0

Now that our local graduation has been held in a unique 2020 fashion, the efforts by the local school district to hold an actual ceremony demonstrated the RE-1 District’s dedication to recognizing the efforts of […]

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Opinion: Pick one person

December 24, 2012 Dolly Viscardi 0

The most recent school shooting hit too close to home. Twenty-five years of working as a special education teacher gave me the opportunity to spend time in most all of the elementary and middle school […]

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Loose Ends: A yearly tradition

May 19, 2012 Dolly Viscardi 0

It appears this year the pranksters are packing. At least that is what their pockets stuffed with clear, plastic tape might indicate. Making midnight visits all over town to darkened doorways and windows, ringing doorbells […]

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