b phrg girls softball champs

b phrg girls softball champs

The Rangely 8-10 recreation softball team finished the season with an 8-1 record, winning the league and the Valley Youth Recreation League tournament held in Rangely last Saturday. Coach Paul Fortunato wanted to thank the Makin’ Bacon 4H Club for running the concession stand during the tournament, “It was a huge help,” and he would also like to thank the WRBM Recreation and Parks District “for all of their support this season with the fields, umpires and everything else, they are great!” Playing on the championship team were; Carmella Fortunato, Sky Pearce, coach Jeff Fielder, Josie Hamblin, coach Paul Fortunato, Miley Francis, Alivia Green, Aubrey Kenney and coach Keenan Lebleu. Middle row; Kastyn Dembowski and Tylee Fielder, bottom row; Lexi Lebleu, Rylee Kinney and Angelina Fortunato.
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